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Aren't all humans related from somewhere down the line? Does that mean everyone participates in incest?


This has nothing to do with religion. Whether you believe in evolution or Adam & Eve, it all had to start somewhere. Siblings mated with eachother and it spanned out. So we are all related, however distant it may be.

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    Yes! I so wanna get lesbionic and play Barbies with you, sis!

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    Not really. The relation ships are distant so no not really.

    biology and talk origins

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    It's only incest if the relationship is close.

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    Explains a lot of inbred fundys doesn't it.


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    We're all brother's and sisters.

    If roaches are related to lobster, do you think they taste the same?

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    oh i know what ur talkin about..

    u mean for those who believe that Adam and Eve's children got married to each other.. no matter how they choose to call it.. but its (incest) :/

    we dont adopt that belief actually.. we believe that God dscended maidens from heaven for them to marry.. and it makes more sense to me..

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