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Microsoft Access Question!!!?

I have my own business with whom 1 other person works for me.

I am setting up an access database, however can I disable all access to the build of the database and have a setting where you can ONLY enter details and view other clients? This is so the person working for me can not mess the build of the database.

Also, are there any other FREE (business is not on a large enough scale to pay for one) database software packages that seem better than Microsoft Access?

All information is recieved with thanks.

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    Microsoft Access Question!!!?

    Access provides various tools and there are various techniques that can be used to protect and restrict how users maintain data.

    You can introduce the standard Access security features (up to version 2003) where accounts can be added and profiled to certain access on certain objects. It uses the workgroup utility and requires some understanding of this tool first before implementation (or be warned, you may lock yourself out!).

    Better still, is to build a user login form and use macros (possibly VBA) to code how users can work in your database. Since this is for one other person, this may be the best approach but requires some macro/VBA knowledge along with building forms (without the wizard/templates tools).

    There are other databases available but it really depends on your process and how flexible an application for your needs - can't really advise without more information!

    It may be best to build the general functions you are going to use the database for including queries, forms and reports and then get someone with some VBA knowledge to build and implement a standard security access tool and pay for days worth of his/her time which I think is a good compromise and worth the initial investment.

    BTW: I can provide this if required - but I'm not selling anything here!

    See my website:

    Good luck

    Ben Beitler

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