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is playing BADMINTON will help you lose some belly fat?

i just planned to play badminton everyday for 1 hour because i transferred my place and the gym was yet so far for me now, would it help me to lose my belly and make my butt toned? any idea please. i would really appreciate all your answers

thanks alot



sorry my english wasnt that good..peace!

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    As long as your playing hard and not resting much badminton can be a great cardiovascular workout. It can definitely help you with losing some weight but I wouldn't just to badminton because it's a limited workout.

    If your trying to lose belly fat and get your butt toned, chances are your going to have to do some other type of working out. Badminton is definitely a great start to losing weight, but I doubt that it will help you reach your goals in the end.

    I would suggest to keep playing badminton because you think its fun, but try integrating some certain exercises for your belly and butt. Try squats and lunges for your butt, and try v-ups, double crunches, and plank for your abs. If you want more exercises to do check you the website I listed as a source, it should help. Good luck!

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    Yes i think it will. Most of the girls that play badminton seriously look toned. Because the way you stand and how much you have to cover the court. helps tones from butt area to calf muscle and also arms. I recommend single games for more workout.

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    hey Betsy!

    Different techniques work for different people. Cardio is a great place to start (jogging/running). Badmitton could fall under 'cardio' so it's a great start!

    For an alternative to cardio, there's a pretty cool program out there called 'The Truth About Abs', my cousin put me on to it. I've been following the guide for a couple of weeks now, there's a few different workouts on there that have worked wonders for me. It should help with tightening up your butt too!

    You can check it out here -

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    Give your protein extra low-calorie flavor with the help of a salsa or chutney instead of a gooey cream sauce.

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    At breakfast, go ahead and beverage orange juice. But throughout other day, focus on water instead of juice or soda

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    Walk around the block once mid-morning and once midafternoon.

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    Set your laptop alarm to ring hourly—stand upwards for 1 to 5 minutes everytime it goes off.

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    Are your dishes too large? A healthy dinner should fit using a 9-inch plate. You may see that kid-sized plates are more appropriately sized to feed grown-up!

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    A pedometer can help account for your steps. If you're not getting 10, 000 steps each day, you're not moving enough.

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    Sick and tired of eating your salad on a new plate? Fill a whole wheat pita with salad and a splash of lemon for any twist.

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