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China, Russia, and Germany Flag questions?

What did the Chinese flag looked like before it became under Communist rule?

And also is the Russian flag that is used now, the same flag Russia used before they became Communists in the 18th century?

Lastly, the German flag that is used now, the same flag they used before Hitler's reign?

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    The pre-communist Chinese flag is the same flag Taiwan is using now.

    The current Russian flag is the same as the pre-1917 Imperial Russian Flag.

    The German flag colors are based on the heraldic colors of the Holy Roman Empire. The German tricolor was used in the 19th Century. A different flag was adopted by the pre-WWI German Empire. The Wiemar Republic used the tricolor between 1919-1933.

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    Yes, this is the kind of nonsense a once powerful country now engages in. Stunts like this illustrate how it has degenerated into a hollow shell of what it once was. Russians routinely must travel to former satellite countries they controlled and work in low level jobs because they have nothing in their own country. They are desperate to find something to bring in cold, hard cash. Russia can't make this claim stick. The North and South poles are governed by international treaties, and claiming that an entire ocean shelf belongs to a country just because it is contiguous is ridiculous. Imagine the lands Japan could claim. Should England claim France is theirs because the narrow straits between the two countries are connected by a contiguous underwater shelf?

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