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workout after bicep day ?

so im confuse on training or resting im triying to build muscle

my workout rutine is

back and bicep

chest and tricep

shoulder and legs

i split them up like this

day 1

chest and tricep

day 2

bicep and back


day 4

shoulder and legs

day 5

back and bicep



so i just did bicep and back yesterday and i havent done chest should i do chest tomorow or today

im confuse becasue people say dont workout after bicep workout let them rest please someone with experience could help me thank you

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    Day 4 I would do Shoulers & Abbs & Day 5 would be a Leg Day. Include Squat & Deadlift! Squat Leg Day * Deadlift Back day!

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    Do this:

    Monday - chest and tris

    Wed - back and biceps

    Fri - legs and shoulders


    *Legs are your hardest workout, so you have 2 days (sat and sunday) to rest after leg day

    *Chest workouts also work the shoulders a bit (assuming you're benching), so you want as much time between your chest and shoulder workouts as possible


    *Always start with the "big" exercises first, then do the smaller ones. So, on back/biceps day, do your back work first (chin-ups and row), then do your biceps work (curls). If you did the smaller exercises first, you wouldnt' be able to give full effort to the back exercises, which are more important in the long run than the biceps work.

    Good luck

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    once you've already remoted your biceps / triceps for 7 - 12 instruments than do not do it back until eventually next week. danger is you're in a roundabout way operating them even as hitting your shoulders, chest & decrease back (maximum of your compound routines that hit those also artwork your triceps or biceps). no longer feeling sore isn't an illustration your muscle has repaired itself and is able to flow. Hell, you shouldn't be understanding to discomfort (outdoors of no longer having worked out later on or you do a sparkling exercising that works a muscle at a special perspective). Your muscle mass may sense "pumped" & you may sense "fatigued" (presently after the artwork out) yet discomfort isn't what you objective for.

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    Yes I agree with what's been said so far

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