Do you think this woman should be charged with cruelty to animals?

Why or Why Not?


It has been close to five months now since this happened and the D.A. has yet to file charges against Joelle R. Kott. This particular article sort of implies that the woman had a huge heart and just got in over her head. But the facts actually show something a little different.

I remember when this happened and recall seeing the dogs being moved from a very cold kennel and eating snow they were so thirsty. Their food and water bowls were empty and dry and there was no dog food found on the premises. The dogs were emaciated. There was also one APBT found dead in the trash can at the woman's house. In all, over 60 dogs were removed and no charges have been filed in the case.

As for the article implying Joelle has a "large heart" I remember her on both My Space and Face Book and went back and checked when this first happened. They were saying she used her paycheck to support the dogs? Well she was collecting A LOT of money from people on these two sites. I have no clue how much she collected in other donations, but the total I reached in adding some of the figures was more than enough to support the dogs.

The SPCA guaranteed that none of the animals in the case would be euthanized in the beginning, but now they have a new director and they are no longer offering this guarantee. Also, the new director is the brother of Joelle Kott's attorney.

My feelings on this are that this was a very bad rescue and "a bad rescue can be worse than no rescue." as someone once reminded me. I also believe that a story like this can give all rescues a black eye. We cannot become what we are fighting and what we despise.

I would like to hear your feelings on this and why you feel the way you do.

Also, anyone who would like to contact the D.A. or the state senator and ask that either charges be brought, or ask that charges NOT be brought can do so using the following info:

Niagara County D.A. Michael Violante @(716)439-7085


Senator George Maziarz @(716)713-8740

Thank you for your thoughts.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Oh the SPCA - how they fail their supporters on a daily basis. I'm sure you all remember our OSPCA here euthanizing all their animals.

    Of course she should be charged! Both because of the condition of her animals AND because she was clearly a crappy parent leaving her children home alone with a bunch of dogs unattended - that's when accidents happen.

    I don't buy the "in over her head" view. If you apparently care about dogs so much that you start your own shelter to help them, if you ever felt you couldn't adequately care for the number of dogs in your care - wouldn't you find another option to make sure they were cared for properly?? By either surrendering them to another shelter or maybe thinking about hiring some volunteers? Foster homes?

    Of course this story is going to tarnish shelters - it gives animal "rights" groups like PETA another leg to stand on.

    ADD: Evidence? Were the pictures that were released in the initial news release not enough? Dead animals not enough? Oh yeah I'm sure dogs die in shelters - but there is a way to properly dispose of them, no? Throwing them in the trash doesn't seem adequate to me.

    Don't forget her great parenting skills with leaving her kids at home unattended in a house full of dogs. Yeah, she certainly doesn't deserve having her animals taken from her care O.o

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  • 10 years ago

    I dont know, Beth - I would have to actually see the living conditions and the dogs. If they are not planning to euthanize any of the dogs, they must not have been sick or in really bad condition.

    It sounds like there were only six dogs in the home where the children were, and I dont know if they were confined or what. A twelve year old is certainly old enough to babysit a two year old.

    She just sounds like a hoarder to me. We have a woman in my area who claims to run a cat rescue, but somehow nobody is good enough to adopt any of her cats. Sounds like a similar situation. From what I have seen, its a mental condition, not necessarily a crime.

    Source(s): lots o dogs
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  • 10 years ago

    I have not heard of this case. I guess us folk down in Kentucky don't git all them news LOL.

    The article you posted makes the SPCA and child protection services seem like the bad guys, so I wouldn't know what to believe.

    60 dogs is A LOT for this woman to take care of plus young children. what was she thinking. she could've helped in a smaller way. looks like a case of super mom syndrome.

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  • 10 years ago

    I vaguely remember the case down here...we have alot of those situations. I would feel more sorry for her kids living in those conditions,and I hope they do charge her with something.

    I think people like this start out trying to do good,and it gets out of hand,they cannot get the funds for that many animals. They are going to have to start regulating and licensing kennels.Allowing so many animals and no more..Each dog like here should be registered with the city and that would cut down on ownership.And puppy farms(which I hate). People adopt from your local Humane Society!

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  • twardy
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    i fairly wouldnt imagine they are throwing her into an identical section as rapists and muderers, and perchance 18 months is somewhat a lot. i'm prepared on cats yet once you position issues into attitude... I propose, farmers pierce tags into calves ears case in point. i do not comprehend what to make of it fairly.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Having actually SEEN the effect of the humaniacs LIES & theft of property -WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW!!!!-I would NOT leap off the cliff of "ooooooooooo,poor wittle doggy-woggies" w/out EVIDENCE!!!!!!!

    I've SEEN the gestapo tactics.....seen the THEFT & destruction.....seen the supposed "animal angels" crowing over their raids.....know they SELL the animals they've STOLEN for outrageous amounts. Watched them destroy a person's life & livelihood.

    & NO,I will NOT be a party to the ignorant-of-the facts LYNCH-MOB SNITCHES.

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  • 10 years ago

    yes definitely no one should get away with that

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