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How to Open a Gun Safe with an S&G Lock?

I have a Liberty gun safe I've had in storage for 4 years and need to have it removed from a storage locker and have both it and its contents shipped to my new home in Nebraska. I have the combination: call the numbers X, Y, and Z. The lock is a normal S&G combination lock. What is the standard sequence for opening this lock with the numbers X, Y, and Z? I'm looking for instructions like "turn left for times stopping at X, then right skipping Y some number of times, etc...". Anybody help out there? My instructions are packed and so need help!

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    Typical sequence for a Sergeant & Greenleaf combination lock is to turn the dial four or five times clockwise to zero. Turn to X 4 times anti-clockwise, turn to Y three times clockwise, turn anti-clockwise twice to Z, and then turn clockwise to just past zero where the dial will no longer now turn. Open the safe.

    Source(s): Brand of safe is unimportant. Brand of lockwork is crucial.
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    Both of my Browning gun safes have S&G locks and they both work the same way.

    Clear the lock by turning the dial clockwise, a time or two will do. You can stop at zero if you like or go on past slightly, it doesn't make a difference on mine.

    1st number - turn counterclockwise & past the number 3 times, stop on the number on the 4th turn

    2nd number - turn clockwise past the number twice, stop on the number on the third turn

    3rd number - turn counterclockwise past the number once, stop on the number on the second turn

    4th number - turn clockwise until stopped

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    www.libertysafe.com go to the site there are info on getting the combination,, sequence

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