Why should the Public Sector suffer?

The new Tory/Lib Dem Coalition in the UK have been giving out signals to soften the population up for savage public sector cuts. Is 'Thatcherism 2' about to begin?

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  • Syd
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    10 years ago
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    The tory press has been stoking up resentment for the public sector since well before the general election. So much so that people who have never worked in the public sector in their lives imagine that it is full of well-paid incompetents with light workloads and huge pensions. Having worked in both sectors, I know which is the more incompetent and wasteful and it isn't the public sector.

    Anyhow, it is easier to deal with the public sector and it chimes with tory ideology. It will solve nothing and will have a massive knock-on effect for private sector jobs as well, but the public voted for these people and so we get what we deserve. Still, at least "the city" will be safe and that, it seems, is all that matters.

  • 3 years ago

    I've worked in both sectors and some of those public sector types do not know they are born. Some of them do not know what a days work is. A public sector job is waaaaaay more secure than private, not to mention cushy. All the perks. In my old job, if I didn't show up I didn't get paid for the hours I missed, I got a shittty overtime rate. In the public sector I get 3 clear days paid before I have to provide sick lines. Time and a half, double time, the lot. I currently work in the public sector, one woman I work with is 10 minutes late EVERY SINGLE DAY, she does not make this time back. This shitt would not be tolerated in the private sector for more than a week. She's been doing this since I came here 3 years ago. It's outrageous. Aside from that she is absolutely crap at her job. I've worked with teenagers fresh out of school, doing the same thing who do a better job than this roaster and she's been here over 10 years. Bitchh is about as much use as a pair of socks to a guy with no feet. When I came here there was a lot of work to do, now there isn't. So I started to consider what my next move would be, fully expecting to be made redundant. Didn't happen, they renewed my contract until January next year. I assume there is work in the pipeline. As it is I sit online all day and get paid for it, occasionally I'll be asked to do something that takes maybe an hour at the most. That's it. I am bored out of my titts. I can understand why they're pisssed off at the pension thing though. I mean when you sign up for a pension and pay into it for years it's just not funny when some fuckkwit politician comes along and changes the rules. This is why I have no pension scheme. I wouldn't trust those prickks as far as I could kick them. I also smoke, I don't eat healthy, I drink when I can and don't expect to see much past 70 so I don't see the point in paying into a pension scheme. I'll spend my money now thank you. As for the private sector, it sucks so bad that if you can get out of it I'd have to recommend it. Simply because you would be doing less work for more money and you get all the public holidays, 28 days annual leave. The last private sector job I worked in operated on the very boundary of the law and it was just soul destroying.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The public sector has grown out of all proportion during the Labour administration - it's merely time for a correction. To try to suggest that this is in some way a spiteful attack on public sector workers by a Government that is wholly unsympathetic towards them is a nonsense - it's just reality kicking in at last.

    And anyone trying to suggest that this is Thatcherism 2 should look at the statistics - despite Margaret Thatcher's best efforts to make the Civil Service more efficient, public expenditure continued to grow throughout her premiership.

  • 10 years ago

    The Public Sector has over the years become grossly overmanned and over paid i.e the NHS, where the true workers nurses and doctors have had their numbers dropped and their wages restricted and the management and admin has grown and grown to a ridiculous proportion. The Public Sector could be cut by a 1/3rd just in the management. This sector has always had a protected Government wrap around them and it is great to see a Government that has the balls to see through this anomaly.

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  • 10 years ago

    The new government has to try to repair the damage done by the old government. There are going to be some hard decisions made and many people are not going to be happy. However, our economy needs to be pulled back into a stable state. The labour government already slashed pay-rises for public sector workers whilst giving themselves huge pay-rises. Many were guilty of fraudulent or immoral expense claims. The current government really has it's work cut out for it to stabilise our economy and restore faith in our MPs. I would not say that they have been trying to soften the population. They have said in no uncertain terms that change is required and the new stance on unemployment is generally well received by those of us that pay tax.

  • 10 years ago

    the public sector is not considered to bring wealth into a country rather it is thought of as a drain on the country's wealth.

    I think you need a healthy balance - a very good private sector that brings wealth into the country and a smaller public sector.

    There is no denying that a public sector is essential to the health and wellbeing of a country, but when it gets top heavy it has to be pruned.

  • Stuart
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    10 years ago

    The private sector has already suffered, it's time for the public sector to take some share of the hardship. People within the private sector have already experienced massive pay cuts or pay freezes, not to mention mass unemployment.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Helen S is right .

    Labour's criminal mismanagement of the economy and the country in general has left us up sh!t creek without a paddle .

    Cuts are unavoidable no matter who's in power . Make the most of the coalition and tell them where you think the cuts should be made , they've asked people to tell them .

    Get ready for the hard times ahead and just remember every time things get worse that it was Labour wasting our money , selling off our gold , borrowing money just to waste on quangos , foreign aid and housing and feeding third world immigrants that contribute nothing to the country , that is the reason we're in this mess .

    Thirteen tears of Labour , I gained nothing , wages stayed the same prices and tax went up . I haven't seen a penny of the 770 odd billion pounds they borrowed but now I have to help pay it back !

    Labour the party off the people ? I don't think so , certainly not the English people !

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    These monies handed to banks, austerity for people - the business interests who run wall street have outlawed the welfare state and the fact is just trickling down to you now.

    Welcome to the MacConomy, with homeless and desperate on their way now to street near you!

  • 10 years ago

    Don't blame the coalition - lay the blame where it's deserved - at the door of the last Labour administration! Hopefully we'll never see them in power again! I think the LibDems will profit in votes if they turn out to be good partners in the government and Labour will be massive losers.

    bkk - where did you get that information about the school meals from - there's nothing in the news about it? That's also a silly statement that all Tories hate working class people - the MAJORITY of Tories are working class people they work and provide jobs for others! Do you think people like Karen Matthews and her ilk are working class? No, they're not, they don't work, they scrounge! You've got to be a socialist!

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