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why is my girlfriend always deleting texts one by one and not them all at one time.and wont let me look in her?

when we first met she was doing this all the time and had no excuse for it,and when i look at her phone she would grab it from me.i thought that a relationship had no secrets in it or am i at fault here. thanks for any answer you can give me.

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    There are certain areas in anyones life that need to remain private even from a partner. For a woman it is her purse and her mail and her phone. If you are so suspicious that you need to see her phone then you don't trust her and if this is true then you shouldn't be with her. You have a right to privacy too.

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    Probably she feels that some of them are worth keeping and reminds her of some sweet memories. Who knows some of them might be from her ex, friends or even from you. I keep some messages for years, just a simple "happy birthday" from my brother or some encouraging words from friends. I look at them whenever I'm down and they comfort me, it's a little secret to me. I do not have habit of showing my messages to anyone, not for any other reasons, the message is meant for me, I read it and is how and what I feel. The same message might mean a different thing to different people, I do not see the need to show it to a third person and make plenty of explanations. I feel that it is also a kind of respect for the sender, how would you feel if you send a message to your friend and is purely only for that friend, not to someone else but the third person know the content of it.

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    Emotion only...

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