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A sci-fi poem, hope you like?

Inspired by Ann!


A small boy of nine

..runs in a game of tag.

Early warm days after a cold winter

..frantic play ending all to soon.

Farm work and chores

..will take the older ones away.

A foreboding drifts across the yard,

..three dragon riders enters the gate.

The small delicate probe,

..a child attempt at a mind reach.

The female rider touches her fore head,

..turning she looks at Jacob.

He tries to hide

..ducking behind his brother.

Tears fill his eyes

..time has come his child hood ends.

Dreams of the silver thread ends

..his future now linked to the Queen's Rider.


Sweat rolls down his nose,

..sand hot under his feet.

Mingled in his mind,

..fear and elation grow.

The larger boys shove him back, rows of dragon eggs rock.

The first egg cracks

..out tumbles a small brown dragon.

Cries and bellows echo thro the cavern, hunts for another.

Bigger boys block the dragon

..touching it but it still searches.

A tiny blond head is dwarfed by the browns nose

..two boys lay whimping and bleeding.

Jacob feels the pain of ones being hurt, cries at the loss of the dragon.

Suddenly his mind is at total peace,

..two swirling eyes stare deep into his.

His Bronze bellows

..high on the ridge the Queen answers,

....the woman turns to smile at him.

JKob is born

.. now complete.


Sorry for the length but it is not over?

Update 2:

Anne and Frank are two greats. I was sure that if I said Ruth or Leto many would know the answer.

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    Your poem brings up many of the same feelings inspired by reading Anne McCaffrey's Dragonrider series. In the mind's eye, I could once again see dragons blinking out of sight as they went Between, on their way to fight the Thread on Pern.

    Now, a recent spice blow has been reported, so it's time to put on a stillsuit and grab a thumper before venturing out onto the sands of Arrakis in search of the great worms. Some of the Fremen in my sietch have also wondered what a poem about Dune would have to say about them. Long live the memory of Muad'Dib!

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    10 years ago

    I am thinking Ann McCafferty? Love it, miss my sci-fi!

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