High school student moving to Georgia from Virginia?

We've already sold the house and have bought one in Grayson, only a few miles away from Atlanta. We're moving into a nice neighborhood, but since the school has 3,000+ students, I'm not exactly sure what to expect. Any tips on what to wear (I know it's hot haha), places to get a job at, starting a new school? I'm a pretty social person, but have been living in VA for all my life.

By the way, I'm going into my sophomore year. Thanks!

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  • 10 years ago
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    It's tough moving to a new area and starting a new school, but I believe that people -- including high school students -- are basically good and will want to make you feel at home, and acclimate.

    I'd suggest:

    -- be as sociable and friendly in Georgia, as you are back home in Virginia

    -- join a club or a team. It's a built-in way to make friends

    -- are there kids in your new subdivision that attend your high school? If so, befriend them over the summer -- go to the pool! It'll give you a jumpstart when school resumes.

    Wear what you'd normally wear to school: jeans! If you have a particular look that's not mainstream (we know a kid who wears a bow tie and jacket every day) save it, till people know you and like you! First impressions are formed quickly .... and stick!

    Good luck.

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  • 10 years ago

    Grayson is a small town 30 miles east of Atlanta. My advice is to be true to who you are, but be open minded about your new home and surroundings. Be acceptable to things that are new and different. This will help you adjust to the area sooner and easier. Sure it will be different but that shouldn't change who you are.

    The people in rural GA will be open, honest and kind. Be who you are and you'll be fine. Jobs won't be easy to find. Get involved with your school and you'll meet plenty of friends.

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