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did u guys hear about the deaths of gary coleman and rue mcclanahan? i'm just in total shock.?

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    Gary Coleman had a lifetime of serious health problems on top of turbulent relationships with those close to him (parents, wife, etc.) Rue McClanahan was old and lived a very rich and rewarding life, yet she too suffered from serious health issues such as a battle with breast cancer, and a stroke while recovering from recent by-pass surgery.

    Luckily, for fans, their work as actors and entertainers will always be there as a reminder of their lives. Especially if there's a buck to be had--I bet every film or television show these two ever did in their careers will now be available in deluxe DVD collections.

    Bottom line, we all die. Eventually.

    Source(s): google check http;// for a list of work by both these actors
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    Ali "Ollie" Woodson, former lead singer of the enticements, dies fifty 8. might 30, 2010 Ted Koppel's son, Andrew, got here across lifeless after evening of boozing...might 31, 2010 paintings Linkletter dies, might 26, 2010 we are actual having a double trifecta....

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    rue was pretty old and gary had multiple medical problems. so not much shock.. RIP . they were both funny.

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