The questions about expired driving license and accident?

I am a Chinese student in Alabama. I have finished my study, and am waiting for the documents from the immigration department. Using the documents, I just can begin my one-year Optional Practical Training and renew my driving license. On Tuesday morning, I had a Rear-end collision. My left tail light is destroyed.However, my driving license's expiration data is May 15. So I want friends helping me answer the following questions:

1. Do I have any problems on my driving license? Will I be fined or punished? What fines or punishments will I probably face? Based on the follow sentences of Section 32-6-1 in AL, is my driving license still valid? Why?

Quoted from Section 32-6-1:

A grace period of 60 days after expiration date of a driver's license shall exist for the purpose of driver's license renewal and the driver's license shall be valid for this time period.

2. In my opinion, the other-side driver should take all responsibilities in this accident, but, if my driving license is considered expired, will I have to pay for all the repairing fees of both sides?



Hi, guys, thanks for your great help. I am ok now. The section quoted by me is from

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    The fact is that your license expired on May 15. You also quote from what I presume is the Alabama Code of Laws which indicates that you should be considered licensed until July 14, which would be the 60-day grace period. If you can prove that you are awaiting your immigration documents to continue with your studies, then you (I would think) have no problem. It might pay you to ask at the Department of Motor Vehicles (a/k/a DMV) or the Department of Public Safety, whatever it is called in Alabama - but in any event it is where you get your license! - if you can renew your license now while you are awaiting the arrival of your immigration papers.

    As for question number 2, in my state, in general, the one who is hitting you from behind is the one that receives the ticket for an offense called "following too closely". Not being familiar with the actual scene of the accident, I cannot tell you what the responding officer determined. If the person who hit you in the rear is found guilty of the accident, then he/she will have to pay for the expense of repairing your vehicle.

    I GOOGLED "alabama code of laws" to find some links that you might find helpful. › Law › Alabama Law

    Hope this helps you, and I hope you weren't injured in the incident.

    Source(s): Almost a decade in an attorney's office
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    Don't have the section you quoted but if that is the case then your license was in effect and valid until the 60 day period..

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