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I know Urine van da Poop is prob a serial killer, not just a murderer but?

Why, why, why did Stephany Flores go to a room with him? Don't they have news in Peru? Don't they have TV? And why didn't she know he was a psychopath from all the coverage? Did she think it was worth a chance to go into a locked room with the pig-nosed monkey-eared freak?

Two young women are missing from Venezuelan casinos in the last week, and Urine has been there in the last week, btw.


Not sure if it's Venezuela or Colombia, but the country he was in is where they're missing.

Update 2:

Here's where you fail...a 16 yr old in Peru would certainly know about a killer in Aruba after YEARS on the news, no doubt. Also, it was just 500mi from where she lived.

Everyone in the world knew about this, certainly everyone in South America. The fellow from the same Casino knew about him, and talked about it in English tonight on Fox!

It's just unbeleivable that she couldn't make the connection, and it didn't help her.

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    She was 21. I don't think 21-year-olds anywhere are particularly interested in following CNN and other stations where the Natalee Holloway story had received massive coverage. And even CNN's coverage has waned over the past couple of years. The fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Holloway has just passed; Stephany was 16 when that happened and was probably not following American news. I don't think meeting up with a random guy in a bar or casino you would necessarily equate it to a 5-year-old case of an American girl disappearing.

    It would be the same as you knowing the name and appearance of the guy who murdered the English exchange student in Perugia, Italy, a few years back (the Amanda Knox case). I couldn't tell you his name or what he looked like and if he walked in a bar (although he can't because he's in jail) I wouldn't know it was him.

    Obviously this guy, while he was in Peru, had no reason - at the time - to have his face splashed all over the Peruvian news. He has reason now.

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