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Does anyone know the town code and other trivia for 106.1 for 6/9/10?

Good Evening & Morning and Happy hump day!

H50th! J

Thank you all in advance!

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  • n7ybn
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    10 years ago
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    8:40: Leelak

    1:40: Video (thanks Roxanne)

    CCQ: Brad

    5:40: South

    Wow, hard to believe I've been a member of the Half Century Club for a full year!!!

    Thanks Rose for the Birthday wishes.


  • 10 years ago

    Good Evening Everyone! Hope everyone had a great day and hope you have a super evening!

    Hillside – Register

    AOL – Phoenix

    Champions – B

    Consumer Guide – Shoulder

    Country Music – C - Three Questions

    Games n Cards – 6

    How Stuff Works – Billion

    How Stuff Works II – Watson

    It Was Legendary – A

    Part Deux – A

    SanDiego - Stub Hub

    SanDiegoNorth – Addison

    This Day In History – C

    Sleuth – Water

  • Chris
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    10 years ago

    For The River 105.9 Hartford, CT

    This Day In History - c) 59 days

    Champions - b) four goals and four assists

    It Was Legendary - a) a dagger and spear

    Part Deux - a) Erin Brockovich

    Classic Rock Challenge - a) George Clinton

    Games N Cards - 6

    How Stuff Works - $1.5 billion

    How Stuff Works II - Watson

    AOL - Phoenix

    Consumer Guides - Shoulder Belt Trivia - Stub Hub - Addison - Three Questions

    Sleuth -

    For Country 92.5 in Hartford, CT:

    Country Music - c) Toby Keith

    Country Video - Horse

    For Club 957 and 101 Hot Spot in CT:

    Top Video on Demand - FALSE

    Music Pop Quiz - c) Michael Jackson

  • conrad
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    3 years ago

    Y 108 minutiae for August third AOL commute: Copper Pine Cafe incredible San Diego: 12 Champions: a) Joe Carter u . s . song: a) loose HSW: Laptops usually use a smaller reminiscence modules to maintain area, including those Small define twin Inline reminiscence Modules. HSW II: The Hood Milk Bottle on the Boston Wharf is sufficiently super to hold approximately 50,000 gallons of milk. at present it operates as an ice cream stand close to the Boston newborn's Museum. HSW III: Speedee It grow to be mythical : b) $a million,000,000 area Deux: b) canoe race this present day in historic past: b) Calvin Coolidge guy vs nutrition: would you think approximately finding out to purchase Zantac® to handle your heartburn or acid indigestion?

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  • 10 years ago

    WGAR 99.5 Cleveland

    City of the Day - Vermilion

    I know it's not the same as your city, but I thought I would pop in with an answer for a change.

    Picked up my tickets for the Joe Nichols/Alan Jackson concert today. Got great seats. I hope the person I am going with doesn't back out at the last minute like usual. Can't wait. Small venue. Pray for good weather on July 15th.


    Happy birthday for those celebrating and congratulations to all the parents with kids graduating.

  • JC
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    10 years ago

    LONE STAR 92.5 - Ft. Worth/Dallas, Texas

    Trivia for 06/09/2010

    AOL Travel Trivia => Phoenix

    Champions => b) four goals and four assists

    Classic Rock Challenge => a) George Clinton

    Consumer Guides Auto => Shoulder Belt

    Games 'n eCards Trivia =>6

    How Stuff Works => $1.5 billion

    How Stuff Works II => Roy Watson

    It was Legendary! => a) a dagger and spear

    Part Deux => a) Erin Brockovich

    * => Stub Hub

    * => Addison

    Sleuth Trivia => WATER (500GB External USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive pg3)

    This Day in History => c) 59 days

  • 10 years ago

    US 99.5 Chicago

    Nascar - Kevin Harvick (Tue)

    Taylor Swift - White Horse (Tue)

    Artist - Phil Vassar

    Andy's - Biondo Bling

    106.1 WMIL

    Artist - Sarah Buxton

    Cafe - cheeseburger

    Town - Big Bend

    Facebook - Country Cafe

    Summerfest - Fireworks

    Team - Philadelphia Phillies

    Sleuth - water

    AOL - Phoenix

    Consumer Guides - Shoulder Belt

    How Stuff Works (Sports Stadiums) - $1.5 billion

    How Stuff Works (oil drilling videos - Sam ?) - Watson

    Sandiego North - Addison

    San Diego - Stub Hub

    Educators Credit Union - 11

    Country Music Video - Horse

    pfa - want.

    jcm (Janet)

    Source(s): Me and my friends at YA.
  • 10 years ago

    AOL Travel : Phoenix

    Consumer Guides Auto : Shoulder Belt Trivia : StubHub Trivia : Addison

    Music Pop Quiz : c) Michael Jackson

    WRVE, 99.5

    CCT : Brilliant Disguise

    4:10 : Grocery Shopping

    7:10 : Rain Man

    B95, WYJB

    4:25 : Frisbee

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Wednesday June 9 2010

    Happy Hump Day

    Andy's - Biondo Bling

    Artist - Phil Vassar

    Nascar - Kevin Harvick

    Taylor - White Horse

    AOL Travel - Phoenix - Stub Hub - Addison

    Consumer Guides - Shoulder Belt.

    HSW -Sports Stadiums - $1.5 billion

    HSW II -Sam? - Watson

    Games - 6

    Sleuth - Water

    Joan K

  • 10 years ago

    Sacramento, CA radio clubs

    KSEG (Eagle), KUIC, ESPN 1320, The Buzz 106.5

    Eagle 96.9 Listen & Win

    Kat: chocolate

    Blue Plate Special: doobie

    Word Du Jour: do

    Alice 97.3 San Francisco

    word of the day: cult

    Noon tune: into the ocean

    Bonus code site for 1000 pts:

    KUIC 93.7 Fairfield/Vacaville

    Cyber Search: contest rules

    AOL Travel: Phoenix

    Consumer Guides Auto Trivia: shoulder three

    Games 'n eCards: 6 billion

    HowStuffWorks II: Watson

    Rite Aid Wellness Program: Your wellness+ stub add

    Sleuth: water

    Multiple choice: ABC

    Have a great night!

  • Irene
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    10 years ago

    B95.5 WYJB

    Listen & Win code words:

    Early Bird (6:25am) = Jelly

    9:25am = Cute

    Back to Work Perk (1pm) = Edwin McCain

    4:25pm = Freesbie

    Trivia Answers:

    AOL = Phoenix

    Champions = B = Three

    Games 'n eCards = 6

    HowStuffWorks = 1.5 Billion

    HowStuffWorks II = Watson

    It was Legendary! = A

    Lynn's Album Art = Hootie & the Blowfish - Cracked rear view

    Music = A

    Part Deux = A = Stub = Addison

    Rite Aid Wellness Program = Wellness

    Sleuth = Water

    This Day in U.S History = C

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