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What right have the west to punish Iran for doing nothing & not punishing israel who have +200 nuclear bomb?!?

israel have +200 nuclear bomb and it admit it & the UN or the west, never punished it or even tried to search its nuclear facilities!!!

While Iran who did nothing till now & never admitted even thinking about having a nuclear weapon r facing more sanctions for just "suspecting" that they r thinking to try to build a nuke ?!?!?!!!

Isn't that brutality & extreme double standard by the western countries who claim that they r civilised & make the un & usa,russia,uk,france & china, less" respected " ???

What u think?


Note for zionists only:

(Plz ,no typical zionist answers,i.e:

"Iran threatened to wipe israel of the map" ,

- israel also threatened to attack Iran several times.

"israel is a democracy & can be trusted to possess nukes" ,

-israeli crimes against humanity & war crimes r too much according to the UN itself (Goldstone report) & its latest massacres against the unarmed aid ships uncovered the real ugly face israel as a barbaric, coward & rouge regime & can not be trusted even by its own allies .(search USS Liberty)

zionists,i saved you the effort of copy & paste the same lies whenever anyone criticise israel,

so ,if u have nothing new,don't answer.

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    The west has absolutely no right to punish Iran, a country that has not started any wars or even threatened to.

    The threat is from the US/israel because once Iran has weapons, the US/isreal will not be able to attack it the way they attacked Iraq.

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  • 3 years ago

    actual in accordance the the liberals effective IAEA we've reliable information they are, and none they they elect nuclear cloth for non violent learn and medicines as they declare. extra, Iran has reported back and back that Israel has no actual to exist, mutually as Israel has under no circumstances reported that ANY usa would not have the right to exist. On acceptable of that Iran has publicly reported that they could elect to apply nukes to "injury the Zionists and push Israel into the sea". i could call that particularly freaking militant language myself. Iran scared? Are you nuts? The Mullahs that run Iran have faith that in the event that they die the pass to paradise, they have not got any reason to be scared. additionally in the event that they are scared why are they being so prickly with regard to the priority? Why no longer in basic terms capitulate? If Israel have been given aggressive for no reason the entire international could be out to provide up them. Iran isn't scared, they elect to be the hegemony contained in the midsection East. particularly much another usa contained in the area (with the impressive exception of Syria) is terrified of them. Sanctions with a tricky chew are mandatory. If that would not ensue there are merely some outcomes achieveable. a million) Iran gets a bomb and ignites a nuclear weapons race contained in the midsection East. 2) Israel assaults their nuclear websites earlier they are able to construct a bomb, doubtlessly commencing WWIII with popular weapons. 3) The weapons race contained in the midsection East ends up in WWIII. 4) Iran drops a nuke on Israel, commencing WWIII. What you fail to comprehend is that Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, the UAE and Lebanon all have a heritage of Iran meddling of their inner affairs contained in the final 30-40 years, many times helping anti-government and anti-Israeli communities or the two. They hate Iran and worry them, in maximum situations greater effective than they hate Israel.

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  • 10 years ago

    i think that they are using Iran as a bait to get a better glimpse of the middle countries as a whole. they need a small and not so offensives country to land on and strike fear. if they go to Israel they have a actual stand off and since Israel have good connection as well as resource on weapons to stand they need a good bait to not tick them off. the western civilization know there nothing last forever and that at some point countries are going to get tried of the power west holds (including china) and are might go against the west so to prevent that they need to strike fear in a way which is good until the breaking point when they have had enough so they might give up or..power up. i know that UK and France are are tired but idk about Russia

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  • 10 years ago

    Iran signed "Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons" ... and by signing this treaty they have agreed NOT to seek to "receive, manufacture or acquire nuclear weapons or to seek or receive any assistance in the manufacture of nuclear weapons".

    They are being held to the treaty that they themselves signed. And the reason there are so many issues about it is that the treaty also requires transparency on the nuclear research amongst signatory countries. And Iran has not been complying with this, which is the main cause for the concern on their nuclear ambitions.

    Iran does however have the right under this treaty to research and enjoy the benefits of atomic/nuclear power for peaceful purposes, and in fact by signing gained access to alot of restricted information on such. (which is one of the main benefits of signing it.)

    This has nothing to do with Islam or anything else about religion or race... it has to do with holding them to the treaty they signed. Heck Pakistan has nukes and they are over 97% muslim. (Note Pakistan is not a signatory of the NPT so there are no issues with the fact they have them.) The reason Israel is not punished for having them is that, like Pakistan, they never signed the treaty.

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  • 10 years ago

    Israel and America have a certain "agenda" they need to follow.

    America follows what AIPAC says, the American public is unaware of this.

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  • 10 years ago

    That is very simple...israel isnt and has never been of the nature to use such weapons except in complete destruction of their country and people...iran would use them given the chance...they are extremist...very cant put such weapons in the hands of someone that WANTS to use them.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Because alot of Jewish people are rich in the Western world... Do you really want to tell them what to do?

    Its nothing to do about right or wrong. Its about kissing *** of those who have money!

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  • 10 years ago

    Cause the jews are pussys and they need the nukes for protection.

    Arabs shouldnt have nukes they tend to blow stuff up a lot

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  • 10 years ago

    Israel - civilised

    Iran - raving nutcases

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