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what is the difference between a President, CEO, and a Chairman?

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    CEO is the Chief Executive Officer. The top corporate position.

    The President follows in ranking. Often the CEO doubles as President too. A company may have subsidiaries which are in completely different markets and that may call for multiple Presidents and one CEO.

    Chairman refers to Chairman of the Board, which varies greatly depending on the company. In public companies (i.e. stock are sold to the public) they are often appointed by the stock holders. In the largest companies they represent and watch for the interests of very large stockholders or group of.

    For example, one investment bank may own 27% of a company's shares and they use their "votes" to select 2 (depending on the size of the Board) Board members. The Board members then pick their Chairman. In private companies the CEO is often the Chairman of the Board. But even in private companies that have sold or granted shares to other employees or private investors (Venture Capital companies often impose presence in the Board as a condition for investing), the Chairman may be another Board member.

    The Board can go as far as firing the CEO.

    Bechtel Corporation, one of the world's largest private companies in the world had at one point 6 former ex Secretary of States. Since they had the international connections, that's all the expertise they needed. They facilitated the "contracts" for building the airports, highways, and strategic infrastructures for whole countries. Not your run of the mill salesperson can sell that ... Or they had the connection to know when to go in or get out of a country. :-). (Did you wonder why people take government jobs that pay "so little"?)

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    President Vs Chairman

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    Chairman Vs President

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    what is the difference between a President, CEO, and a Chairman?

    easy 10 points :)

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