What do you think of these NFL football player names?

What do you think of these NFL football player names? Team will be in parenthesis (Up to two).

Taylor x2 (New England Patriots / San Francisco 49ers)

Leigh x2 (New England Patriots / New Orleans Saints)

Lee x5 (Buffalo Bills / New York Giants)

Kellen x4 (New York Jets / Oakland Raiders)

Kelly x3 (Baltimore Ravens / Seattle Seahawks)

Jordan x11 (Cincinnati Bengals / Indianapolis Colts )

Jordyn (San Diego Chargers)

Peyton x2 (Cleveland Browns / Indianapolis Colts)

London xx2 (Houston Texans / Washington Redskins)

Shelley (Houston Texans)

Dominique x10 (Houston Texans / Tennessee Titans)

Kerry x3 (Tennessee Titans / Atlanta Falcons)

Kendall (Miami Dolphins)

Tristan (Miami Dolphins)

Britton (Denver Broncos)

Riley x2 (New York Giants / Philadelphia Eagles)

Madison (New York Giants)

Micah (New York Giants)

Stacy (New York Giants)

Shay (Washington Redskins)

Quinn x3 (Green Bay Packers / Atlanta Falcons)

Morgan x2 (Green Bay Packers)

Sage (Minnesota Vikings)

Delanie (San Francisco 49ers)

Sidney (Minnesota Vikings)

Mackenzy (Carolina Panthers)

Ashlee (Detroit Lions)

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    1 decade ago
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    Tristan and Morgan are okay.

    Interestingly, I recently did a poll on footballer's names on another site - it was amazing how many of these huge butch athletic men had quite feminine-sounding or unisex names. I guess it goes to show you can't stereotype people by their names.

  • 5 years ago

    Pat Tillman

  • Taylor - dont like it

    Leigh - its alright

    Lee - 10/10..love it!

    Kellen - ehhh.. sounds a bit feminine

    Kelly - is better on a girl

    Jordan - awesome i love it

    Jordyn - prefer Jordan but its still kewl!

    Peyton - like it as a girls name

    London - also like it as a girl name

    Shelley - too girly for a guy

    Dominique - prefer Domnic!!

    Kerry - dont really like!

    Kendall - love it

    Tristan - 10/10...adorable

    Britton - i like it spelled Brighton better... but still great!

    Riley - like it on a girl better

    Madison - prefer it on for a girl

    Micah - i love this name

    Stacy - better for a girl

    Shay - its alright

    Quinn - love it!

    Morgan - like it

    Sage - love the name nd its meanin!..[it means wise] xD

    Delanie - ...not so sure how to pronounce it

    Sidney - i dont really like this name...Neither for a boy nor a girl

    Mackenzy - 10/10,.... absolutely love it..like it McKenzie better but still my fave!

    Ashlee - soundz too much like Ashley...which is a girls name!

    Source(s): hope i helped!! :D
  • 1 decade ago

    By far Kellen out of any of those options. I'm not a fan of names that cause ambiguity for which sex an individual is. I actually really like the name Kellen too. Strong and unique.

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  • i like Taylor, Jordan, Peyton, and Riley.

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