To Kill A Mocking Bird Main Characters?!?!?!?

Can someone help me!?!? I need to know the main characters in to kill a mocking bird with their descriptions.. PLEASE HELP!!! :)

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    Atticus Finch - Father and Lawyer

    Jean Louise (Scout) Finch - Main Character

    Jem Finch- Scouts Brother

    Dill - Neighbor boy/ Friend

    Arthur (Boo) Radley - Scary guy who lives next door

    Mrs. Dubose - Mean Neighbor old lady

    Miss Stephanie - Town Gossiper (Dills Aunt)

    Miss Maudie - Peace loving neighbor

    Calpurnia - Finch's Maid/ Family friend

    Bob Ewell - Daughter had court case (Drunk)

    Mayella Ewell- Court case against Tom Robinson and that he "took advantage of her"

    Tom Robinson- ^^^

    Aunt Alexandra - Scouts aunt that wants her to be lady like

    Source(s): Just finished the book about a week ago
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    hmm havent read this book in about 3 years

    atticus finch

    jem finch

    boo radley

    scout finch

    bob ewell

    miss maudie


    aunt alexandra

    tom robinson

    great book, wish i could help you more

    Source(s): did it for GCSE
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    bbc bitesize can give you the best description and analysis of the characters

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