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how old to shoot a real firearm in n.j.?

i live in N.J. and i want to shoot real guns, i already make air rifles and play airsoft, but i want to shoot a real gun. How old do you have to be?

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    Old enough not to fall on your ***. As long as an adult is supervising you, you can shoot any gun under .50 caliber. I suggest a small caliber pistol, like .22 or maybe 9mm, or a 20 gauge shotgun for your first time shooting. Enjoy.

  • Anonymous
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    Get the Yellow Pages (or something...)

    and find a pistol range.

    Most have hand-guns you can rent by the hour.

    Call 'em to ask more questions.

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    you just need parent's consent and a license, i used to go hunting when i was 8. but i soon found target shooting was more fun, more shooting action.

  • Josh
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    you can shoot any firearm you want as long as you got parents consent

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