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Got a speeding ticket but the cop didn't have lights on?

I got a ticket for doing 66 in a 40. It was on a very dark road, a black unmarked cop car, and he was sitting with no parking or interior lights on, someone told me that they cant do that and i can fight the ticket in court using that arguement, is this true?

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    I highly doubt it. Because even it was true, it would be your word against his, he could simply state that he did in fact have lights on.

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    Um yeah we can do that. I can even drive next to you while speeding and then write you a ticket for speeding. It's called pacing a car. Judge does not like this but sometimes it works. It doesn't even matter if he didn't have a radar he can give you a speeding ticket and win based on his experience watching speeding cars. I know the ticket is going to hurt but you would be better off asking the judge for help then by arguing the ticket. Most judges hear people arguing with them all day and they will be a little more understanding of someone who admits they were wrong and asks for help. What's the worst that could happen.

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    The cops don't need to be visible to you. I don't know where you heard that from, but it's nonsense.

    One thing I learned from my husband who is a police thing you could try to do to get the ticket dismissed is when you get to court, you will usually meet a prosecutor before you are ever called up. Sometimes you can offer to make a donation to a particular charity (like Mother's Against Drunk Driving) in exchange for the ticket being dismissed. Sometimes, if you are not a repeat offender, you have a fairly clean driving record, and the ticket wasn't too serious, they will take you up on it. The prosecutors actually like being able to get rid of some of the cases that are due to come up in court. ("Fluff" cases, like low-speed speeding violations, running a stop sign, etc.) If they agree to that deal, you WILL need to make the donation you promised, and you WILL need to provide proof that you did so. Going 66 in a 40...yeah, it's speeding, but it's not like you were doing 80. The prosecutor might decide that it would be easier to take you up on the deal than to bother "prosecuting" it. It actually saves the court time and money to make such deals. It definitely couldn't hurt you to try to go that route. The worst that could happen if you offer, is they turn you down and you will continue in court as normal.

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    And you believed them? LOL. What is the rational argument that states police most have their car's exterior and interior dome lights on. Entrapment? Please. Use this defense in court. The judge will need a good laugh.

    BTW driving 26 MPH over the speed limit on a road so dark, you can't see park cars, is not only illegal but foolish. You are lucky you didn't get hit with a reckless driving charge.

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    No sure about that in CA, but you have the RIGHT to NOT STOP! Drive very slowly so he doesn't think you are evading him, until you get to a well lit place where there are other people around. I would NEVER stop in conditions like that. AND...fight the ticket! If the speed sign did not say MAXIMUM speed, then it's up to the driver what safe is. I beat 2 tickets using this. There were no businesses open, no pedestrians, no schools...etc.

    Source(s): "How to Beat the Cops"
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    no.. the cops can do whatever they want with their lights. the only reason why they would have to turn their lights on is if they are responding to a CODE3 call. (emergency)

    you have no chance on winning that ticket. you were going 66 on a 40.

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    That is absolutely untrue. The ticket is valid, they don't need to be visible. They are encouraged to hide so drivers are less likely to spot them and slow down.

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    new law that they can do that now. you know you was speeding why fight it? just take your ticket and be truthful and dont speed anymore, or at least dont get caught

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    Doesn't matter. The officer does not need to be visible to you. He could dress up in a ghillie sniper suit and hide in a bush and it's still completely legal. Whoever told you that is an idiot.

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    Pay the ticket and dump the stupid friend

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