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Who are your top 10 MMA fighters right now?

Mine are

10. BJ Penn- Maybe he beats Edgar but I kind of think hes been past.

9. Rashad- I hate him but gotta give credit where it is due said he would be Rampage and did, cant wait for Shogun to stomp him

8. Frankie Edgar- Can't put him behind BJ when he just beat him

7. Lyoto Machida- Only Shogun has been able to beat him that still says something.

6. Jake Sheilds- I never respected him but he throughly destroyed Hendo, gotta give him credit.

5. Shogun Rua- I think he could be the on the way to overtaking some of the other top guys, he is an absolute beast.

4. Jose Aldo- Just destroying everyone in his division.

3. GSP- Probably the most well rounded fighter in the world I have him below Fedor and Silva just because I feel that he has been beaten more recently and has struggled to finish his opponents.

2. Fedor- If he was fighting better competition I would have him number 1 but Brett Rogers just isnt on that level.

1. Anderson Silva- don't care about his antics he is the most dominant fighter right now in the world no one has even come close to beating him.

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    Top 10 to watch because I think they put on a good show:

    1.Clay Guida

    2.Diego Sanchez

    3.Jose Aldo

    4.Wanderlei Silva

    5.Shane Carwin

    6.Chris Lytle

    7.Shogun Rua

    8.BJ Penn

    9.Domnick Cruz

    10.Miguel Torres

    As far as Pound 4 Pound Rankings go:

    1. GSP

    2. Anderson Silva

    3. Jose Aldo

    4. Fedor Emelianenko

    5. BJ Penn

    6. Shogun Rua

    7. Jake Shields

    8. Jon Fitch

    9. Gilbert Melendez

    10. Lyoto Machida

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    1. Alistiar Overeem

    2. Fedor Emelianenko

    2. Lyoto Machida

    3. Anderson Silva

    4. Shogun Rua

    5. GSP

    6. Rashad Evans

    7. BJ Penn

    8. Rampage Jackson

    9. jose aldo

    10. jake sheilds

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    1. Fedor Emelianenko.

    2. Anderson Silva.

    3. GSP.

    4. Jose Aldo.

    5. Shogun.

    6. BJ Penn.

    7. Frankie Edgar.

    8. Rashad Evans.

    9. Rampage.

    10. Jake Shields.

    I still couldn't put Frankie above Penn...Penn will most likely train his butt off and get his cardio back where it needs to be and win the rematch.

    Source(s): Myself
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    Well, first Fedor never fought Randy but I'm sure you didn't mean to list his name right? And no way should Arlovski or Sylvia be anywhere on a top 10 list. Top 10 1) Fedor 2) Frank Mir 3) Brock Lesnar 4) Nog 5) Barnett 6) Shane Carwin 7) Randy 8) Cain Velasquez 9) Brett Rogers 10) Alistair Overeem

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    Anderson Silva



    Junior Dos Santos

    Jose Aldo



    Jake Shields

    Shane Carwin

    Brock Lesnar

    Really aren't in any particular order but these are the cream of the crop fighters right now.

    Notable Mentions:

    Fedor- I wont put him on my top 10 until he starts fighting the elite Heavyweights of the sport.

    Nick Diaz- same reason as Fedor, but I will say that he's improved drastically since leaving the UFC, but again isn't fighting high level fighters.

    Rampage- always a threat

    Rashad- always a threat

    Thiago Alves

    Paulo Thiago

    Cain Velasquez

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    1. GSP - he may not finish many fights but he cant be beat on the ground, cant wait to see him against Shields if he domes to UFC

    2. Anderson Silva - god i hate him but he destroys everyone. after he beats sonnen i see him moving up to light heavy.

    3. Fedor - Greatest fighter in MMA history will be my number one at years end after he beats Werdum and Overeem.

    4. Jose Aldo - Like Silva he is destroying everyone he may have t move up to lightweight to find a challenge.

    5. Shogun Rua - the next six guys i think are really close i put Rua 5 because of his KO of Machida

    6. Rashad Evans - i have him ranked higher then most after i watched him systamaticaly dismantel Ramage. Rampage wasnt 100% but Evans would have won even if he was at his best.

    7. Jake Shields - he dominated Henderson in his last Strikeforce event now its time for him to join the UFC and fight GSP. I cant wait

    8. Lyoto Machida - despite his lose hes still a dominant light heavy and i cant wait to see him destroy Rampage next.

    9. BJ Penn - Despite his lose hes still a great lightweight and my moneys on him taking back his belt in August.

    10. Dominick Cruz - he has been a force at bantomweight and his decisive victorie against Bowles proved that. hes 15-1 with his onl lose at featherweight to Faber. at Bantomweight hes unstopable.

    Honorable mention:

    Frankie Edgar

    Brock Lesner

    Shane Carwin

    Joe Benavidez

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    mine are probably quite biased but i think they are or will be the best pound for pound soon

    1 GSP

    2 Cain Velasquez (tearing apart the heavyweights and improving very impressively each fight we see him in)

    3 Jose Aldo

    4 Anderson Silva

    5 Shogun Rua

    6 Shane Carwin (knocks everyone out in the first round)

    7 Fedor

    8 BJ Penn (i hate him but i still think hes better then edgar i think bj just had a rough fight he didnt look like the bj penn we've been seeing lately at all)

    9 Jake Shields ( i dont really give this guy enough credit because i hate strikeforce but yeah hes quite impressive)

    10 Brock Lesnar

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    I have:

    Anderson Silva



    Jose Aldo

    Shane Carwin

    Brock Lesnar

    Shogun Rua

    Lyoto Machida

    BJ Penn

    Jake Shields

    Runner up- Jon Fitch and Rashad Evans

    All in all I say the UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight division is stacked. Here is how I ranked the UFC divisions.

    Source(s): Huge MMA fan
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    wow your list sounds right on perfect, i might switch rashad and machida though, thats just my opinion.....

    heres my top 10 FAVORITE fighters though =)

    1. paulo thiago

    2. lyoto machida

    3. brandon vera

    4. shane carwin

    5. wanderlei silva

    6. chuck liddell

    7. gleison tibeau

    8. patrick cote

    9. bj penn

    10. allessio sakara

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    King Mo


    Korean Zombie


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