new tattoo should it still sting after the second day?

my tattoo keeps stinging


i got it on the calf part of my leg. its two hearts. and its an electric blue no other color

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    Tattoos are kind of like sun burns in that the top layer of skin has been significantly damaged.

    Dryness or the wrong king of lotion can make it sting, make the peeling more excessive and cause serious fading. It is important to keep it moisterized a couple of times a day.

    I have used Aquaphor and highly recommend it. It doesn't evaporate as quickly as lotion, which keeps the itching and peeling down longer. If you go with a lotion, make sure it's color/fragrance free. Make sure the tattoo is not covered by tight clothing or anything as it needs to breath to heal.

    Some people will say wash it several times a day with antibacterial soap. This is totally unnecessary and can lead to excess drying. Just make sure to keep the area clean with normal bathing and, if it gets dirty, rinse it with water to avoid infection. Also, some people recommend Neosporin. Stay away from that as well. The antibiotics can make the skin reject the ink and cause color loss.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    New Tattoo Stinging

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    Stinging times vary in different people and different tattoo artist work the skin more then others. It should start to feel better anytime, it will sting hurt alittle when it is touched or bumped.

    Do wash 1 to 2xs daily with dial soap. Do pat dry, and Do Apply a white unscented lotion only after washing. Theres should be no infection as long as your hands that touch it and the tattoo is kept clean. Infection is easy to get and the reason you shouldnt touch without clean hands is due to staph that live on your skin at all times. Continue this aftercare until the tat is fully peeled. If it itchs during the healing process which it will, you can pat it, smack lightly to relieve itching, the only other thing that helps is the washing and lotion.

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    It will sting a little in some areas especially over things like scars or stretchmarks I'm currently suffering from the same myself. You should be keeping it clean and putting a thin layer of antiseptic cream to keep off infection, vasaline is not ideal, also don't soak your tattoo or keep it wet for long periods of time as this fades the colour. If the stinging persists for more than the next day or so go back to your tattooist and ask them, if they can't give you an answer go somewhere else and ask as if there is a problem that was their fault they might not be inclined to admit it. Hope this helps.

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    I have three tattoos and I don't remember them stinging the next day. It felt a little like I could still feel the tattoo gun working right after he finished.

    Are you doing your after-care? Did you get the right kind of soap and Bacitracin-type lotion? If you aren't doing your after-care then you may be in for an infection. Did you go to a regular tattoo shop that has regular visits from the Health Department or did you go to a friend of a friend who may or may not have done the correct sterilization?

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    5 years ago

    1) You've gotten stabbed in the dermis a bajillion times, of course it's going to be sore and sting for several days. This isn't abnormal. 2) Don't listen to the other guy. Three times a day is a fine amount to wash it. Usually I washed all my tattoos in between a reapply of ointment and all mine healed nicely and still look nice years later.

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    Yes it will sting and it will itch. Do not scratch at the tattoo. If the itching is really bad try pressing a damp cool cloth on it. Again do not scrub at the tattoo with the cloth. :) It will take a few days to stop stinging.

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    yes thats normal to sting for a while plus its on your calf thats a fleshy area. just keep the tat moist and it will go away eventuall may take a week but it will stop while it is healing!

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    No your tattoo should only sting for a few hour after.It should not bother you the next day. You should go back to were you got the tattoo.

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    Some tattos sting for up to 5 days its perfectly normal put some cream like vasiline to help it also try not to wear clothes where the tatto is. It sometimes help to apply a wet flannel

    Also ... what kinda tatto did ya get?

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