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Is there an consumer product to euthanize my very old hamster (with tumor)?

I'm sure I'm not going to find something called "Euthanasia in a Bottle" but am wondering if there are other things that could be used that would be quick and painless like Ether or Chorloform (neither of which can be purchased by the public). I've called vet clinics and they are all going to charge $50-100 to put my hamster asleep. That's a little extreme since I bought her for $15 at the pet store. I hate to just let her suffer until she dies...which will probably happen soon anyway since she's at the end of her life cycle. Suggestions?

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    You can try either the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), or one of the animal welfare organizations. Type in your state/zip code at the latter site to find the organization closest to you. Either one should be able to give you information on free or low-cost euthanizing at a qualified facility. The links for the aforementioned are as follows:



    I am sorry your hamster is in pain. It is very hard to have to consider euthanizing your animal, but when the quality of life is such that she no longer has joy, then you have to make that decision to stop her misery.

    My beloved mouse, Houdini, passed away last night. I was fortunate that while she was old, she was not suffering the way your hamster is. Houdini went peacefully nestled in my palm, while I gently stroked her head. I wish your little one could leave this world the same way, but taking her to a vet for euthanizing would be a truly selfless act. Take comfort knowing that her pain will soon be at an end. Take care.

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    a lot of my older Syrian and dwarf hamsters have tumors (benign and cancerous), yet we basically placed them down in the event that they are refusing to devour, drink, have hassle strolling, or are in discomfort. in any different case we shelter them like all of the others. I even have cared for as much as fifteen hamsters with maximum cancers at one time and each instructed me of their very own way whilst it replace into time, 2 are nonetheless with me. the two varieties of tumors are straightforward in all breeds of hamsters, Syrians and dwarfs alike. until your hamster is doing a variety of of of the above stated issues, circulate away him on my own and shelter him many times. Now if it fairly is a speedy transforming into tumor, take under consideration the dimensions on an regular basis and if at any time it starts to intervene with the prevalent of his existence, please have him euthanized. maximum vets cost between $5-$20 reckoning on your section. to have him euthanized. regrettably there are no longer the different concepts whilst it includes those little adult adult males, it fairly is improve them until their high quality of existence is compromised or have him euthanized now. i like to look ahead to the 1st to happen and supply him the main suitable existence i can, then do the 2d at that factor. you realize at 2 yrs previous, he's particularly no longer too previous and he could be supply a great gamble to stay. He might suprise you and stay yet another a million-2 years. we've a dwarf hamster who's 18 months previous with a cancerous tumor on the tummy, yet in any different case is doing great, he's been like this considering that he replace into 4 months previous. My vet and his spouse have been hamster breeders who raised some to be 5 years previous, so which you particularly in no way will understand until you detect out.

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    Nothing that you could get a hold of without a license. Call pet ERs, instead of the vets, most will do it for free for the sake of not letting the animal suffer. Sorry to hear about your pet.

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    Most things available can only be obtained if you are a vet, other methods sometimes work but will take a lot of guts.

    You have two options, either let nature take its course or find a method to euthanise your hamster yourself physically rather than using chemicals.

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    animal shelters usually have to euthanize animals on a regular basis.

    i'm sure if you go to your local humane society or spca, they will offer euthanisia services for

    a very low cost or even for free. don't buy something that could end up really damaging your hamster without killing it. do the right thing. :]

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    You can try calling humane societies, some of them don't do euthanasia for the public but its worth a try.

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