Does anyone know where I can find financial assistance in Florida?

My mother just passed April of 2010 from lung cancer. I was her care taker and since she passed, I had to move in and gain custody of my baby sister. I have 6 yr old twins already also a baby girl on the way. Im in a financial bond because my job laid me off because im pregnant and the situations at home. Im currently a full time student. My sister recieves insurance from my mother's death but it's not enough to cover our remaining bills. My children has their little graduation coming up and I dont even have money to cover it. If someone can please let me know anything, It will truley be appreciated. I've been through enough. Thank you.

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    Contact your local division of family and social services, they have financial assistance available for people who are in your situation.

    At the very least, you should qualify for food stamps, TANF (cash assistance), and medicaid for the remainder of your pregnancy and for the kids (and for your baby once she is born). If you need it, you can also ask about housing assistance. I don't live in FL, but I have had to get assistance in my state before and it helped a lot until I got on my feet. Hopefully after you finish school you'll be able to get on your feet and not need this assistance anymore. Good luck, and I'm sorry for the loss of your mother and wish you all the best in the future.

    Oh, also, try getting on WIC if you're not already. That will help a ton with food, and after the baby is born, will help you with formula (if you're not planning on breastfeeding) and baby food and such. It does help, trust me. Here's a website for that:

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    If you are attending school, go to your guidance office and ask for help in finding employment. Also, you donpt need a vehicle if you are near a bus stop. You may want to consider taking the bus until you make enough to buy a car.

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    go to the county office, they can best help you with this.

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