What's the language of the Jewish of the Arab World ?

Yaddish or Hebrew ...or .


The first answer say Yiddish . the second say Hebrew (!)

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    Most Jews that originally lived in the countries of the Arab World now live in Israel and speak Hebrew. But for a long time, they spoke the languages of the countries they had lived in, ie, Arabic, Persian, etc.

    Yiddish, similar to German, was spoken by Ashkenazi Jews who lived in Europe, and is now a language spoken by very few older people, most of whom live in the US or Israel.

    Hebrew is the official language of Israel.

    Here's what Wikipedia says about Jewish languages in the Arab world:

    "The Judæo-Arabic languages are a collection of Arabic dialects spoken by Jews living or formerly living in the Arab world.... Just as with the rest of the Arab world, Arabic-speaking Jews had different dialects depending on where they lived.

    In the years following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, most Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews in Arab countries became Jewish refugees, fleeing mainly to France and Israel. Their dialects of Arabic did not thrive in either country, and most of their descendants now speak French or Modern Hebrew; as a result, the Judæo-Arabic dialects are now considered endangered languages."

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    There are several Judeo-Arabic dialects, most of the Jews that lived in Arab world had ties to the Sephardic culture so they also spoke Ladino (a Judeo-Spanish dialect). Yiddish is a Jewish language of Ashkenazi Jews that lived in Eastern Europe. Hebrew is the original Jewish language but Aramaic(a Middle Eastern language of NonJewish origin) was also used to some extent by Jews , the Kol Nidre a famous Jewish prayer is in Aramaic.

  • Israeli's speak Hebrew.

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    Jews speak hebrew and arabs speak arabic.

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