Am I allowed to write an original piece of work set in Basin (Sin City)?

I am just wondering if one is allowed to write a story set in Basin City or Sin City? Does Frank Millar own the name? I am only concerned with the name, not necessarily the feel and setting of the place.

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    Yeah, Miller holds the name.

    If you set your own characters with your own plot in Sin City, it is still considered fanfiction. You could write a story with your own characters and plot in a place similar to Sin City (but NOT Sin City) and then you would own all the rights.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Names cannot be copyrighted. Yes, you can have a Sin City in your book.

    However, why would you? All it will do is cause confusion. Call it something else. _You_ may be emotionally attached to it, but nobody else will care. If necessary, write it as "Sin City" and then do search-and-replace to something else when you've finished.

    If your "Sin City" is obviously Millar's city, then you're writing fanfic.

  • 10 years ago

    Names of cities cannot be copyrighted, as far as I know. Now if it was the actual Basin City in Miller's comics, it might be a different story.

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