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A Tale of Two Cities #7...?

1. Who is the spy assigned to the Defarge's part of the city?

2. By what sign does Mrs. Defarge show there is a spy in the shop?

3. Who, outside the fmaily, is invited to Lucy's wedding?

4. What may be the cause of the Doctor making shoes again?

5. How does Mr. Lorry tell the doctor about his relapse?

6. What do Miss Pross & Mr. Lorry do to prevent any further relapses?

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    1. John Barsad

    2. She puts a rose in her hair.

    3. Jarvis Lorry

    4. When Charles Darnay reveals what his true name is.

    5. He tries to describe it anonymously, the whole "it happened to a friend" deal, but Doctor Mannette figures it out.

    6. They destroy his shoemaking tools and the bench, with Doctor Manette's permission, of course.

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