What's the difference between Chinese Food and Japanese Food?

I'm not talking necessarily about Americanized food but more so traditional Chinese and Japanese. I want to know the difference between them, the styles, the flavors, the ingredients, everything.

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    the traditional japanese diets was one of the healthiest and longest life expectency diets around next to the mediterannean diet. It consisted of things such as rice at every meal, pickled plums, noodles, vegetables, soya products, seaweed, miso soup, tofu, fish, sushi, soy sauce and green tea occasionally meat and dairy products. The traditional Chinese diet consisted of vegetables, rice and green tea. The traditional Chinese were poorer. Any other ideas why the traditional japanese diet is so much healthier than the traditional chinese diet?

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    There are lots and lots of differences. Keep in mind that China has at least 8 different cuisines so while the foods in northern coastal China have similarities such as the use of wasabi and lots of seafood, in the western part they use mostly lamb and eat noodles. Its hard to do a true comparison but I'll try.

    - Raw vs cooked - Traditionally Chinese distinguished themselves from other cultures by saying they had mastered fire, and thus had quite a taboo on raw food for most of Chinese history. Japanese clearly like raw foods.

    - Role of visual aesthetic - While both cultures care about color and appearance, Japanese will consider a dish good sometimes almost solely based on how visually pleasing it is.

    - Rice - Japanese rice is shorter grain and stickier. Northern Chinese rice is also short grain, but in general Chinese use longer less sticky grains.

    - Spice - China has some very spicy cuisines such as Sichuan and Hunan. There are few very spicy dishes in Japan.

    - Influences - China was a huge part of Silk Road and had lots of influences from other countries. There is still a lot of Muslim influence in many parts of Chinese cooking. Japan has incorporated more modern gourmet food from the West in recent history.

    - Tea - Japanese green tea tends to be steamed while Chinese green is often roasted in the production process so they have very different flavors sometimes.

    - Alcohol - Japanese sake tends to be less strong then Chinese rice wines. Chinese rice wines fill up the whole room with a strong odor and are as high as 90 proof.

    Source(s): 4 years in China, trips to Japan
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    What I would say is Japan has more a more diverse array of foods, Japan is considered one of the food capitals of the world ranging from Viper Ice Cream to Bentou Boxes. China I think are more traditional with their meals using recipes passed down from generations, I get this idea because my mother is Chinese and made Chinese everyday, I'm sick of Chinese now, and she taught me her recipes which she got from my grandma one was pork ribs with peas and we used a lot of different spices. I know I really didn't answer ingredient and flavors, but after eating so much chinese food I can tell the difference from the two and in the end I would say Japanese food has this new and unique taste while chinese gives you that mom-made meal.

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    Japanese food is plainer in taste as they rarely use chilli or spices. Healthier too. Chinese is so diverse because of the different regional stlye of cooking.

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  • 10 years ago

    Chinese food is made in China. Japanese food is made in Japan. I personally prefer chinese food.

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    Chinese foods' styles and tastes varies from province to province. There's hardly a way to describe it in a nut shell. Japanese foods is famous for its healthy and delicate quality.

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    10 years ago

    chinese food is different from japanese food

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    Japanese food is usually light to the stomach

    Chinese are fond of pan frying their foods

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    I'd say Japanese food has more fish than anyother meat. They're an island, so fishing is important and land space is at a premium so grazing is not efficient.

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    To cook is chinese way of making food,japanese food is raw.

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