Should I sell my xbox 360 & PS3?

Ok here is my story: I am 16 in high school i am 6'4"270lbs. I wanna start focusing more on football & i am trying to join a strength training program to get stronger & faster. My mom thinks video games are a distraction & she thinks it is a habit but its really not i can just stop if i wanted to. For example i played twice during the school week & didnt feel like i needed too. Wait there is more. My parents are kinda in a bad money situation and there is no way i think they can pay for the $185/month strength training. so i was thinking about selling my ps3 & xbox 360. What do you guys think. Oh yea i have been single for over 3 years and i think if i get rid of my games and get out more i might get some luck and maybe get a gf. Please no negetive answers i want some good old fashioned advice


All of you are not helping ****, but its not your fault I will tell you why. My parents are not allowing me to get a job because they wan my mind on football and football only

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  • 10 years ago
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    Honestly it sounds more like you need a part time job than to sell your systems.

    If you can tell yourself no gaming that day, and not pick up a controller you don't have an addiction to video games and therefor you shouldn't have an issue.

    Try starting a daily exercise plan for each week and use gaming as a reward for sticking to it (example- If you say you're going to run one mile a day Monday through Friday you reward yourself Saturday with X amount of time gaming). You should always be taking at least a day off so as not to over work yourself, and there's no reason you can't be gaming during that time, or even after you've finished your work out for the day.

    As far as the money you very well could get the $185 for this month selling your systems, and maybe enough for next month too... But what about the next month? And the next? And the next? A job of some sort would work far better. Is the strength training really necessary even (that seems dang high for very little). Perhaps you would benefit more from a gym membership? Or even your own weight set and just sticking to a program?

    Video games shouldn't be causing you to stay single either- Schedule some time to go out and meet people! Even with your current friends instead of meeting up on Xbox Live, plan for everyone to meet up at someone else's house and play once in awhile.

    It's all about planning and remembering video games are something to do in your free time- School work, exercise, and then socialization and gaming.


    If you're not allowed a job skip then I would 100% say skip the over priced program. Go outside- Run, hike, do crunches, do pull ups, lift weights, and what have you instead. There's really no reason to sell your gaming systems.

    I'm honestly surprised your parents are saying no for a part time job though- Earning your own money means you spend less of theirs, and really starting early just means when you hit college age you have more money for the things you're going to need.

    Source(s): Gamer, girlfriend (trying to get my boyfriend to play video games too dang it!), and on my own workout plan.
  • 10 years ago

    Don't sell, for these reasons:

    -You will only get enough cash to pay for about 6 weeks of that over-priced program.

    -The hardware you have is a huge investment. All due respect, I doubt you are the one that invested.

    -You can eat fewer cheese fries (and I've eaten A LOT) and do crunches for free.

    -You can get a Gamefly account of ONE game out, and limit your time spent playing that way.

    I'm 31, married (don't judge me! LOL), have 2 kids, 2 jobs, and I play about 9 hours a week. I even sleep like a normal person. I've sold stereos and all kinds of "stuff" to pay for getting into shape, dumped hundreds to thousands on weight loss and strength training. Know what it got me? Angry and with less stuff. Get in shape the old fashioned way, eat less crap and get your butt outside for 60-90 minutes a day. Keep your toys (I have a PS3 & a Wii) and us them well/sparingly. I'd wager your parents would appreciate you recognizing the value of the electronics and not trading them for an over priced gimick.

  • 10 years ago

    if your xbox 360 and ps3 give you any pleasure at all then don't sell them, just get a part time job to pay for the training.

  • 10 years ago

    hm, i myself use to be addicted to video games, so i have some experience with this. I would sell it because you really seem to want this. I say, follow the heart and remember to take care of yourself, by "getting out there" by being social and take care of your body by sports like football

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  • 10 years ago

    You are probably better off doing more physical activities. Some people can balance school, games, and exercise, but some can't. If you can't, selling might be a good idea.

    Source(s): I didn't know someone can get married at 13:)
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    10 years ago

    Don't sell them, just give them to me. And about the money, how bout not doing the strength train program or getting a job and get a gym membership or something.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    your definitely gonna get a d1 scholarship if you loose weight and gain muscle, i would jus sell the 360 and the games, ps3 if you have to

    iif i was 6ft theres no way i wld have put games over my athletic possible career

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