What made Michael Jackson.... "Michael Jackson"?

In other words, what made Michael Jackson be in another category on his own? What made him different music wise, in a physical sense, and so on that caused him to be loved by many in different countries? How did he managed to accomplish many things that other artists can't?

I don't expect a long answer. Thanks for taking the time to answer. ♥


Aah, I'm sorry PYT, but who are you? You seem familiar. It's been so long since I've been here, forgive me.

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    Edit| Wowww, my answer was too long. D:

    There are so many things that made Michael Jackson the person he was! :)

    There are three defining characteristics in Michael that I barely see in anyone these days, (& I don't think anyone else addressed) & one that I have not seen in anyone but Michael Jackson & Mother Teresa.

    His resilience, his eternal agenda of putting his fans before himself, & his INCREDIBLE LOVE behind everything that he did.

    It's really hard to not cry when answering this question..

    Michael had the ability to come back from whatever the media said about him, or what people said about him positively. I could list countless celebrities who sued the media countless times for defamation lawsuits, putting pictures on magazines without their consent, & screaming/spitting/vandalizing things that belonged to the paparazzi.

    I don't mean to show contempt for their actions because I can only begin to imagine how horrible the paparazzi are. But Michael never did that. How did he get back? Music. He did something that the world could enjoy. He came back with songs like "Scream", "Tabloid Junkie", "2 Bad", "Leave Me Alone", & "Privacy" among others. Even after allegations were pressed against him Michael never became a bitter or less loving man.

    He continued to help the children of the world by giving to help them, & loving them, & letting them stay at his Neverland Ranch. Even in 2006 after the final allegations, he still appeared at the World Music Awards & sang "We Are the World" with the children. This reminds me of a quote by Mohandas Gandhi, "A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave."

    This is so true for Michael. He could have been afraid to keep loving children actively because he could think that more greedy parents would try to pin allegations on him. But he wasn't afraid to love, & he gave it to everyone. He constantly saw the good in the world & dreamed of a brighter day. (We Are The World) (Missing You - Diana Ross)

    & then, his eternal agenda of putting his fans before himself & his love.

    I answered a question yesterday & I'll partially quote myself now.

    A favorite quote of mine, which I try to live my life by as well is my the great Mother Teresa & it is : "let no one ever leave you without being happier" something a long the lines of that. & that's what Michael did for his fans. He sacrificed himself to make us happier. Maybe sometimes he was annoyed that he couldn't walk down the street alone, but at the moments he wouldn't show it. He would make happy anyone that he could by waving, blowing kisses, touching hands(at the risk of being pulled into a mosh pit of excited fans), & even hugging people. How many celebrities do we see today that kiss their fans, or let them come into their car so that they can hug them?

    & In the Jackson 5 days when Michael would get upset at his brothers for dating/marrying girls because it would upset the fans, & he would jump out & perform like nothing was wrong even in the midst of family turmoil. That truly inspires me. He would get on a plane, even though he was so scared of them, & have to perform right after, & he never showed his true feelings just so everyone else could be happy. He constantly gave everyone phenomenal performances. He admitted he didn't like touring, but he would leave his family & his life for huge periods of time to benefit others, especially for tours like Victory & Dangerous, in which all the proceeds went to charity.

    The song Man In The Mirror, sings of how COMMITTED Michael was to helping every one he could on this planet. That he looked at himself & was willing to be the change even when no one else wanted to. It's something you could feel. His love. He told me "I love you" sometimes when I wouldn't hear it all day. I remember March 5, 2009 when he announced the concert run, & he said "I love you. You have to know that" he would constantly thank us, & tell us that he loved us...

    Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, brothers, grandmas, grandpas loved him.

    He did so much for my mother&I's relationship. Yesterday we were talking about him, & she was talking about how when Thriller came out & how no one was doing their work & it was so funny... & she started shouting "MAMA NAY MAMA NAH MANA NANA" & I was like laughing so much. (with her accent too it's well funny)

    I guess she couldn't remember exactly, but that's not what mattered. It was the feeling. My Mother talked about how when she went to different countries everyone knew the "mama say mama saw mama coo saw" & the "zombie hands" because it's what Michael does & it's not just some fan girl over exaggerating. You& I & all the fans on Y!A are living proof that Michael had the power to dramatically change lives.

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      Thank you soooo much! I love your answer I could not have said it better myself. Michael would have loved it too....

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    Michael Jackson Charity Home Michael Jackson Childrens' Hospital Michael Jackson Day Care! (aw) Michael Jackson School of Entertainment Arts Lmao. <3

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    I love this question. Its been a long time since I seen a question like this here lol.

    Michael was not only immensely talented and reached superstar proportions, but he also was humble, kind, had one of the most generous hearts and had as his first and foremost desire to help people in need and to help heal people and heal the world. Michael had a heart for God and had God in his heart. All of these qualities are rare for human beings in general much less an entertainer/performer of Michael's caliber. He didn't act like other "stars. He was a true entertainer and it will be a long time till someone else is capable of influencing people around the world like he did, so honestly and consistently, so genuinely. Michael was not only a musical genius, but more importantly a good, truthful, kind and generous man.

    Along with many other reasons why we love Michael, the man - I also think of him as the little boy who lost his childhood, which makes the pain even worse sometimes, because he refused to let his inner child die and was crucified for it.He protected his inner child and made us feel it was our right to preserve that special place in our heart that should never grow up. It's about never losing the joy of innocence and wonder. We lost a wonderful human being when Michael died. Michael's love filled the world and his message will never be lost.

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    His natural talent, and resilience when things got tough. He never, ever gave up, which is something I can't say for a lot of people, including myself. He just kept pushing and was so extraordinarily selfless.. sometimes I think that MJ really WAS put on this earth to make a difference. Even after all he had been through, he was still donating money that he didn't have to charities and wanted to put on shows for his fans.. agh I miss him.

    In a physical sense, the changing of skin. It doesn't matter if it was purposeful or NOT, it happened, and that made people pay more attention to him, it made him more interesting than if he would have stayed dark.

    But yeah.. I don't know of any person who does all of the things that MJ has. He is truly one of a kind. ♥

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    I didn't get around to reading all of the answers, so my answer might just be repetition...

    But geez, there are so many aspects to Michael that made him so special.

    I believe he observed the talent of the greats before him, and he took bits and pieces from them all which helped to mold him into a good entertainer. And then I think he added his own flavor into the mix to make him into a GREAT entertainer. His voice was amazing, and his music was just the same. He sometimes came out with the type of music that people had heard before, but a lot of the time he came out with the kind of music that people hadn't.

    Another thing that really set Michael apart was his humble attitude. He was an amazingly sweet person and a gentleman...that is a rarity, and people adore that about him (I know I do!)

    His humanitarian efforts were astounding and pretty much unheard of as far as celebrities went... I really wish more people knew how much he did for others =/

    His dancing is out of this world...seriously. Nobody can move like him... they can imitate, but it will always be just that...imitation. He was an innovator. He had pure and raw talent when it came to his dancing, and nobody can touch that.

    His changing looks made him more interesting to the world...from his surgeries to his vitiligo... it was just interesting to see him transforming. And I don't care what anyone says he always looked beautiful.

    Ok, I know this is getting long so I'll just leave one more note... what he went through was a big part of why people love him. The abuse, the bullying by the media, the name-calling... it all made him into this shy and insecure person that just wanted to be loved. I believe many people could relate to the personal struggles he went through because people go through things like that in everyday life.

    All of these things and so many more caused the world to be obsessed with him...to love him like they did and still do...that pure and unconditional love that will never EVER die =(

    P.S. Hey Billzooooo ♥

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    Billzy-Booo! xD

    good question.

    I think that what made Michael, "Michael" was just how he stuck out in the music crowd so well. He didn't blend in, yet he didn't make a scene about it either. He was different in the sense that you don't look at him and think "Oh, he's just trying to get attention." no, it wasn't like that at all. He was unique through the quiet way he created and improved ways of dance, song, and the arts, and also the way he treated and respected people even through all the turmoil he faced.

    Btw, it brings happy tears to my eyes to see that most MJ fans that I'm close to and who were here in the summer are re-appearing (:


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    Hey Billaye Jiane, welcome back, you were greatly missed!

    When it comes to MJ, where do I begin?

    Michael Jackson will ALWAYS be the Greatest Entertainer Of ALL Time, Past, Present & Future!!

    He will ALWAYS be a musical genius!

    He will ALWAYS be an INTERNATIONAL icon!

    He was:

    1. A great singer

    2. A great dancer

    3. A great philanthropist

    4. A great employer

    5. A great dad

    6. A great son

    7. A great brother

    8. A great uncle

    9. A great humanitarian

    10. A great video artist

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    What made Michael Jackson … “Michael Jackson” <3

    I’ll try to list some things that I have in my mind right now, even though I feel it won’t do him any justice…

    What made him who he was… was his innocence and gentility; his amazing personality, which I don’t know where to commence explaining.

    What made him who he was, were his songs and the fact that some of which could be really sexual but at the same time beautiful (not offensive to women). I love everything about him… it was his sexiness, his sweet personality, his amazing talent, his beautiful voice, his innocence…. it was simply his brilliance that made him who he was.

    It was his creativity and his incredible passion for the arts. It was his amazing talent for dancing, producing, songwriting, etc. It was his love for his family, friends… his love for the human race. It was his gentle outlook on life.. his electrifying stage persona and how he was really a shy person when he stepped out of that stage. It was his longing to always better himself, whether it be his music or parenting… the way he could transition from a shy and easily embarrassed man, to a sex symbol on stage. It was his gorgeous looks, his mesmerizing eyes, that stunning smile, his eye catching sense of style… his amazing dance moves… his barrier breaking music and music videos. It was the fact that he revolutionized the music world…

    It was his modesty, his sensitivity… It was his constant desire to always better himself…

    Btw.. hey Billz! <3

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    Well Michael obviously had major talent. Unlike most artists today.

    He was a quadruple threat or however many. He could sing, dance, donated hundreds of millions of dollars to charities, had an amazing personality, etc.

    He spent his whole life making music, finding new sounds, new ways he could spice it up. So his music never got old. Each album was different and that's how he kept his fans. Well not the only way, he was adorable too hahaha. But even in rehearsals, he did his best and didn't "mark" it. Meaning he didn't do it with no energy because it was "just rehearsal."

    There's more I could say but I'll stop now lol. MJ's legacy will live on forever!

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    Billaye Jiane!! :D You're back- I'm not sure If you remember me because I've changed account now and name (I used to be Meriem).. but I remember you! glad you're back... :D

    And Well, the way he shaped his songs- you can never get bored of them. The way he danced; It's so magical. And I think he was loved by many countries not only because he was a great entertainer but because he was for love, and helped many other countries as well.

  • Good question Billzyboo :)

    Michael had a natural born gift. Even at a young age he could sing a song like an 50 year old man. He also had the ability to put raw emotion into his songs. When he sang them you FELT his passion. He was a true humanitarian and made you want to become a better person yourself. Plus he broke racial barriers, being the first black to be played on MTV

    I could go on and on lol

    sorry it's so long, but I hope that made sense

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