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What is the history behind the "Southern Cross" Confederate flag?

I can't find much about the history behind the design of the flag and what it means. Anyone know?

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    The Saltire design of the Battle Flag is said rather inaccurately to have its inspiration from similar flags of Europe. When in truth the designers of the flag were looking for something in sharp contrast to the Stars and Stripes. One must remember that the Confederate first national or Stars and Bars looked to similar on the battlefield which gave rise to the second national or the Battle Flag with a White field.

    The Jack of this flag was used as a battle standard for most confederate regiments and in the Army of Northern Virginia and saw a series of Bunting issues where torn or seized flags were replaced by the Army from year to year.

    The 13 stars on the Jack represent the original 13 Confederate States as seen by the Confederate government of the time ( which included those states in territorial or political dispute "Border states")

    Even the amount of stars varied some flags only have anywhere from 10-13 depending on the Bunting Issue.

    The flag and its meaning? In my opinion the flag has been perverted into a symbol of hatred and inequality. Its use amoung hate groups and those with agendas which are contrary to our government have made it as hated amoung blacks, as the swastika is by people of Jewish decent.

    This is unfortunate, when I see it more representing Southern Heritage a heritage so many blacks had a hand in creating culturally in song and especially in food :). Rather than a grissly banner used to taunt and intimidate, it should be a quiet reminder in museums about the days when as a nation we were still defining and questioning who we were and are as a nation. It should be used as a tool to educate citizens and visitors alike that the nation today can withstand the heated contention of a 4yr Civil War and still rise to prominence.

    This is how I have seen it. It does mean different things to different people.

    Source(s): 18+ yr Civil War Re-enactor and military historian
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