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P.K. asked in SportsBaseball · 10 years ago

Fantasy Baseball Assistance?

I'm in a 10-team Roto Mixed League, 1 Year. ESPN standard: 13 position players, 9 pitchers, 3 bench, 1 DL.

My large needs are: HR and SB

Partial needs are: AVG and RBI

Would you do any of the following?

Drop Alexei Ramirez for Yunel Escobar/Ian Desmond/Marco Scutaro/Yuniesky Betancourt

Drop Ty Wigginton for Lyle Overbay/Ike Davis/Russel Branyan/Justin Smoak/Daric Barton

- My next 1B starter is Buster Posey, when he becomes eligible. (I owned Kendry Morales)

Drop David Freese for Jose Lopez/Neil Walker/Kevin Kouzmanoff/Brandon Inge

Drop Howard Kendrick for Jose Lopez/Freddy Sanchez/Sean Rodriguez

Also, how is this OF corp:

Matt Kemp, Nick Markakis, Bobby Abreu, Denard Span, Chris Young, Nelson Cruz

Trading isn't really an option, due to a lack of communication with the rest of the players.


2 Answers

  • bored
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    10 years ago
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    Drop Ramirez for Marco Scutaro.

    Stay with Ty while he hot and drop him for Smoak when he cools down.

    Stay with Freese.

    I would rather drop Kendrick than Freese for Jose Lopez.

    Source(s): Bored.
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  • 10 years ago

    Drop Alexei and pick up Scuturo

    Keep Wigginton, at least for a while because he is hot, but if he cools down get Overbay.

    Keep Freese

    Keep Kendrick.

    Also I know you said tading was an option but it would be great to trade maybe 1 or 2 outfielders for a good 3rd baseman. Because your outfield is tooo good

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