Does your bladder shrink when pregnant?

I swear i have to pee like every 20 minutes and its usually 3 drops,. I mean seriously my bladder can't hold 3 drops? i feel like if I don't go i will pee my pants just to get up for 3 drops. i use to be able to hold my pee for hours now i can't hold 3 drops?


I'm 16 weeks 4 days.. 4 months

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    It doesn't actually shrink, it just gets squished and kicked. The need to go to the bathroom all the time can happen very early in pregnancy thanks to the extra hormones, but having such a small amount of urine each time you go sounds a little unusual. I would talk to your Dr about it and see what s/he says about it.

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    How To Shrink Your Bladder

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    No your bladder do not shrink lol when the baby is low in your pelvic that put a lot of pressure on your bladder so you will want to urinate more also that could be a sign of a urinary tract infection which is common in early pregnancy. You should have a break in your second trimester when the baby is higher in the uterus but it will come back in the 3rd trimester even worst because now the baby's head will be resting on or near the bladder. Congrats and good luck

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    you're not very far along... it doesn't seem like you should be having to go this often this early on. maybe ask your doctor at your next visit

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    Yup thanks to baby pushing on your bladder you get this fun feeling!

    Good luck!

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