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How could 2 men be shot to death when Janet Napolitano said border was more secured than ever?

PINAL COUNTY -- Deputies are on the scene of an apparent double homicide near milepost 150 on Interstate 8, which is west of Casa Grande.

Crime scene techs were just arriving on the scene at 9:30 a.m. so information was still quite limited.

According to Lt. Tamatha Villar of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, the call came in late Sunday night. Villar said the man who called said he and a friend had been shot out in the desert.

This is the same general area where Deputy Louis Puroll was shot, allegedly by drug smugglers, more than a month ago.

The communications center lost when cell service apparently dropped out. Crews were sent out to try and locate the caller. Those searchers found the bodies of two men who had been shot to death. Detectives had to wait for daylight before they could begin their investigation.

Villar said that area is a "primary corridor for human and drug smuggling" and that unfortunately the deadly shooting is "not something that's completely unexpected given the volatility of the area right now."

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    Listen, Janet Napolitano was hired BECAUSE she's a liar. That's just how this administration rolls. That ***** lived in AZ long enough to KNOW how bad the problems are in this state with Illegal Immigration.

    Secretary Napolitano has never patrolled one inch of the border, she has never made an arrest, she has never been shot at, and she has not been assaulted. She keeps repeating this mantra about how she knows the border better than anyone else. She apparently thinks that doing VIP fly-overs and tours (better known amongst the troops as "dog and pony shows") qualifies her as the foremost authority on the border. And she is still making excuses about why we can't deport millions of people (yes, we can - history proves that most will self-deport if the laws are enforced).

    Mexico Cheerleading


    Former Arizona Governor

    and CFR Stooge

    Janet Napolitano The governor who vetoed legislation intended to prevent voting by foreign invaders.

    On Monday, the justices asked the Justice Department to provide its views on Arizona’s attempt to force employers to verify the immigration status of potential employees. The law being challenged in the cases was signed by Napolitano in 2007, when she was governor of Arizona.

    “It is awkward, given the fact that she signed the law,” said Glenn Hamer of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, one of the organizations asking the Supreme Court to take up the issue. “It’s got to be a difficult situation for the administration.”

    The two men that were MURDERED last night is PROOF that we have a HUGE problem. Oh, but it seems to be okay with Obama and the liberals that our citizens are being murdered, raped, robbed, etc., but let's not offend the law breakers. THEY are the ones that deserve protection, NOT our citizens. WTF is wrong with you people?

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    Granted she is below clever yet last the border will anger Mexico least we forget approximately we do purchase distinctive oil end illegals circulate to the source of why they arrive money.Confiscate any and all components and money from somebody or business company that knowingly hires or rents to illegals.No paintings no place to stay no illegals.To ordinary. the government does it to drug sellers yet not the actual people who're in charge for the subject.

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    well, I think at least 5 people were shot in the town I am living in last night and I don't live at the border. It's unfortunately not only at borders where people get shot.

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    Could be an inside job

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