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What are some rabbit names?

i am getting a rabbit maybe so i am thinking of a rabbit name that is good for a boy and girl?

also should i get a tan colored rabbit are black and white or brown ?

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    shawty :) (i know someone with a fluffy dog and they named her that)



    Tess(a) -girl

    Belle -girl







    (some other candy haha or chocolate/ coffee related word if you get a brown one)

    I also like to sometimes name my pets after celebrities depending on their personality and color lol :)

    maybe something like Jay-Z, Eminem, or Rihanna idk :p

    you can even put an animal-like twist to the celebrity name (i heard Katy Perry has a cat name Cattie Purry)

    you could name them something like Lady PawPaw (that ones just an idea :p )

    I really like the names Shawty, Cola, Toffee, CoCo, and Cookie-Dough

    oh and I think a little brown one would be cute ;)

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    5 years ago

    I've had 2 rabbits Jasper Casper Bugs Bunny(Jasper) and Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel(Harley Quinn) But I really like Buster

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    I had one once that was the color of a brand new penny. He was an English Lop. His name was Chester Copperpot, Copper for short. I like all thoes colors so I'd have to see them to choose one.

    Source(s): RIP Copper.... My evil neighbor poisoned him for no reason.
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    I like black rabbits and what about names like Fudge, Bugsy, Pippin, Misty (if its white) Ash (if its brown/black/grey) and Rhia

    Source(s): Past bunnys
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    I have a little brown rabbit and I named her Mocha, after the coffee lol. She even sometimes responds to it and comes hopping lol. :)

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    my daughters rabbit was named cricket and was white with a black spot around the eye. but how about--hopper, bunny, Karats (carrots:))

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    it depends on ur style and stuff, I got a Black rabbit with semi cirly hair :D and Named her Oreo :) lol, and My male rabbit who had slick brown/auburn hair *R.I.P* was named Wally......there are so many names.....just go with the flow and name it whatever you want :] or randomly

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    i like hoppy, fluffy, floppy, cotton tail, twitch, long ears ..etc. anything that describes a bunny

    but then again, i had once a bunny named pancakes :) which is also kinda cute. good luck!

    Source(s): personal opinion
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    tan girl name: Marjorie Boy:Hansel

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    1 decade ago

    Hoppy, jumpy, bunny, bun-bun, rabby, babbbie.

    Id get a black and white one, but they are all cute!

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