why is Israel and USA ally?

1. I thought that was because USA wanted to support Israel so in the hope of suppressing the anti-Western force in Muslim countries so that they can eventually take over Arab and take all the petroliums stored in there? I mean they obviously failed to do so but wasn't that the reason why?

2. Is relationship with IRAN and USA hostile or friendly or what?

3. If question number one sounded absolutely absurd to you, cause i think it is but i've heard it from my friend saying it so affirmatively... so...yeah. ANYWAYS. But Is massive power of the Jews in USA the only reason why they are being a good ally with Israel? And also the sole reason why USA had not harshly criticized Israel over the Gaza Strip Flotilla case? If not so, what else is the influences for US's decision to be in amicable relationship with Israel?

4. Muslim countries really dont like US, right?

5. This may be the dumbest question that you've ever heard, but is Iraq Muslims? And how is Iraq-Israel relationship? and how about Iraq-Muslims?

6. So i believe USA started Iraq war in order to "defy terrorism" OR maybe just to deprive all the oils stored in Iraq? And is relationship between USA-Iraq going to have any affect in relationship with USA-Israel or USA-Muslim?

7. What is with Israel and Iraq? I know there was a war... but is the tension still going on?




and just so you know i live in small island...PACIFIC island and im 17... and i've just started to getting interested in this international affairs and im obviously having trouble understanding since i toootaaalaly do NOT have any background knowledge about this.


I do recommend you to answer it at least after reading the details i wrote.

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    Israel and the US are both democracies. Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. Israel unlike the neighboring countries has respected woman's rights. There are freedoms within both Israel and the US that are both respected.

    Muslim nations do not like the US because anyone outside of the Islam faith are infidels. Their Koran teaches that all infidels are to be put to death. The US is considered by many to be a Christian nation. If the Islamic extremists had their way they would kill everyone in the world that disagreed with their views; especially Christians.

    The US went to war against Iraq because Iraq violated UN treaties again and again. This is old news.

    Many in Iraq are greatful to the US because Saddam was a cold blooded killer of many innocent people there. He even used chemical weapons on his own people. He was responsible for the rape and killing of even children. He fed people into wood shredders etc.

    Israel is not worried about Iraq. It is Iran they are concerned with. Iran's leaders have repeatedly threated to blow Israel off the map and understand that Iran is seeking to build nuclear weapons.

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    Israel is the only Ally the USA has in the middle east, its like a base there, a safe house, they need it

    Iran and USA are hostile I'd say, Iran is hostile to Israel and its a dictatorship and extremist country

    USA is smart...somewhat... no one should critisize israel by the way, they were attacked and fought back, go on youtube or listen to the TV on something other than CNN because CNN is biased

    4. Not really, USA has caused destruction in those countries and it shoves its nose into stuff that isnt its business

    5. yes, Iraq is muslim, right now there isnt much trouble between israel and iraq since i live in israel and i know that, Iraq is muslim so whats the relationship between Iraq-Muslim.. fine?

    6. I think both reasons, consider one of them a bonus, either they came for the oil and killing the terrorists on the way or they came for the terrorists and look for oil

    7. not much, havent heard of iraq in the news a long time now, Israel is far stronger and iraq isnt very stable and has other things to worry about now

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    There is much to say about each part of your question.

    However, I would like to provide some food for thought regarding part 3 of the above.

    Someone has seriously misled you into imagining a "massive power of the Jews in USA" ! The entire Jewish population spread across all 50 states of the USA is only 2 percent http://www.simpletoremember.com/vitals/world-jewis... of that country's total population. Anyone who claims that such a tiny minority wields that much power in the US has a very overactive imagination.

    What if you read a book that stated that Fijians were determining all Pacific Islands policy? (Unbelievable, right? After all, the Fijians constitute barely 2 percent of the Pacific Islanders.) http://www.census.gov/apsd/wepeople/we-4.pdf Historically and culturally, I'm not comparing the Jewish people with natives of Fiji; this is simply for perspective on the relative size of the populations.

    The USA has interests in the state of the world, including in the Middle East regardless of the small Jewish population of North America. Israel is a thriving democracy, unique in a region of numerous hostile totalitarian regimes. Based on your side point about the flotilla incident, there's much factual info. that you have not read yet. Here are current articles about Turkish terrorism and the flotilla written by genuine human rights activists.



    There's much more to say. Good luck with your studies.

    Incidentally, the 9 dead flotilla fighters were not innnocent civilians. Several had expressed a desire for martyrdom before they illegally entered a blockade and attacked with intent to kill. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=1...


    Here's a photo of one of the onboard terrorists. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_gnm2C1B8vbI/TAPEpoV4K1I/...

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    1. The USA helped create Israel in 1948. It was all palestine. The jews basically needed a homeland and that is traditionally their homeland. Though obviously the palestinians claim it to.

    Most US citizens back Israel because we can visit Israel and not get kidnapped or have our heads cut off by someone yelling Allah Akbar!

    2. The Iranian government is fundamental islam. The Shah of Iran was pro west in the 1970's. He was also brutal, had secret prisons, killed rivals, ect. He was overthrown in late 1970'2. US citizens were held hostage for more than a year. I would say most Iranian people are pro west, hate their government, but are anti israel and pro palestinian.

    3. I am sure the number of jews in the USA has influence on our view of israel. We helped free them in 1945 and most of them wanted out of europe and to come here. Who could blame them.

    4. Right most muslim countries really dont like the US. his is because we back more secular (Free or non religious governments). Plus in my opinion muslims hate everyone not like them.

    5. Most people in Iraq are muslim. Their are basically two types of muslim. Sunni and Shite. Its like protestant and catholic in christianity, except these people are literally killing each other for their different beliefs.

    6. The Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein was supposed to have weapons that terrorist would use to attack us. He didnt. Also the radical muslims hated him as much as the USA. No one can say why we are still there.

    7. No matter how crappy a country muslims live in. No matter how much they fight with each other. No matter how much they hate everyone else, they have one thing in common. They (All of them) hate Israel, hate that the palestinians have lost palestine. They all want the jews out of the middle east. Anytime Israel defends itself, attacks palestinian muslims, put up check points, blockades, ect. Every muslim from the palaces in Saudi Arabia to a mud pit in Afghanistan gets upset ans swears a Holy war against all infidels.

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    A secure and strong Israel is vital to the United States interests in the Middle East. Israel is on the frontline of those interests in the Middle East and is a vital ally in the event they are threatened. "An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force." (Jimmy Carter)

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    Very easy to answer this question, ask yourself, who control the business in America?

    Jason Lee




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