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Glummy asked in TravelAir Travel · 1 decade ago


im heading to las vegas in august .im fliying from london and the flight is 10-12 hours (non stop).im quite chlostrofobic and dont reaaly like travelling but the airline (virgin) is supposed to have big airplanes and really roomy. i also have sinus problems and the last time i flew (for about 1 hr) i went nearly completely deaf? will this happen on this flight or was it because it was a small aircraft and a short flight i went deaf. what servises do they offer and are they friendly and are the seats roomy and comfortable .also are the toilets scary?????

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  • Janey
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    1 decade ago
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    So many questions....... I completely understand, I am exactly the same on an aeroplane! I usually leave a big hand mark on my husbands arm after we've taken off because I hold onto him so tightly!!! In my opinion you have chosen the best airline, Virgin are the only ones I will travel with long haul as they are so kind and helpful, the plane will be a jumbo so you will have much more room than the flight you went on last time. The toilets are not huge but you won't be in there for ages so don't worry about that. I take chewing gum with me and as soon as the plane starts to move i put 2 in my mouth and start chewing, alternatively you could suck on a boiled sweet until the plane has levelled off. If you read, take a book, they do have films you can watch. If you do feel anxious the cabin crew will do the best they can to help you so don't be frightened to ask.

    Good Luck, not that you'll need it and enjoy your trip

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  • 1 decade ago

    If your traveling with Virgin Atlantic you might want to think twice but any other Virgin airlines are good. (Virgin Atlantic has a 3.5 out of 5 star rating)

    Since you claustrophobic, I recommend you go with premium or first class they have more space but the seats in economy have enough leg space but it can be irritating sometimes. Virgin Atlantic isn't that bad if your going on a boeing 747 plane.

    All boeing 747 planes are really roomy any other plane model might not be that much suitable.Service is very good and quite friendly they offer food like breakfast,lunch,dinner according to the time and they also serve snacks, you can also ask them anything you like during mid-flight. For your sinus i recommend you get some lemonade which fixes all problems and for not going deaf you should try chewing gum when it happens. (usually that happens if you haven't flown more than 3 times but in big airplanes it rarely occurs).

    The toilets are not that small but if you have serious room issues then first or premium class is the right choice (although economy toilets are pretty roomy). No the toilets are not scary. (the flight is pretty steady unless you go through a major storm but shouldn't effect you if you drink a little lemonade.The seats are soft and you can ask for extra pillows and blankets to make yourself comfy. hope you enjoy your flight.

    Source(s): experience
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  • Alex
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    1 decade ago

    You will be flying on a Jumbo, a nice big plane, and depending on the class (Economy, business, First) will determine how much room you have around you and how big your seat is.

    There will be a tv in the back of the seat in front so you can watch movies or listen to radio channels with headphones (Virgin will provide these because they don't use a normal 3.5mm plug)

    Ok the Sinus problem, yes it happens because of the change in pressure. But don't worry! There is a cure, try sucking on a sweet, most people do that and it works fine, keep swallowing too, but don't swallow the sweet!

    If that doesn't work....................Pinch your nose so you can't breathe through it at all, then take a big deep breath in through your mouth and try and breath out through your nose (While it is still blocked) It will equalise the pressure instantly and no pain of deafness :)

    I learnt this Scuba Diving, works on the same theory

    Cabin crew are nice enough, it's their job to smile and bring you drinks etc when you want.

    Toilets: Well they're not scary at all, there's a mirror, bright light, everything in a normal public toilet really, just a little more......Cosy

    Enjoy the holiday

    Source(s): Frequent Long Haul Flyer
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  • 1 decade ago

    I have flown Virgin on a similar length flight and other airlines Virgin was by far the best I would advise boiled sweets for take off until you reach altitude and the plane levels out and when you start to lose altitude for landing this will really help your ears I have to do it every flight Also take sudafed or sinutab which will help blockages all that air con dries you out . I am fat and I was comfortable my husband is 6'3 and he was too. If you don't fancy a movie then take an eye mask and some headphones close your eyes and chill do what relaxes you reading music or the seatback tv which can keep you occupied for most of the flight. The toilets are not scary in the slightest I have seen much scarier toilets on land.

    Go on trip advisor for some great advice on travel vegas and everything else you might want to know it really helps me plan all of our holidays . Good Luck

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 4 years ago

    The most comfortable. As you get older you realise people do not mark you on your fashion!!! Something that has a lot of stretch and an elastic waist eg yoga pants (as you can dress them up a little). Your top should also be stretchy as well and preferably cotton or something that does not sweat (while the plane is kept at a nice temp, sometimes you can get a bit sweaty sitting down for a long time and others the air conditioning can be cool (but you can put a blanket on). Shoes should be comfortable, probably easy to get on and off and light. You can take your shoes off during the flight if you want.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's really not that bad.

    I used to be TERRIFIED of flying, like SO bad, and i suffer from anxiety and pannick attacks.

    The Toilets are fine, and bigger than most Plains (as your on for a longer flight) You usually get a tv on the back of the seat in front of you as wel, Lots of films, games, tv, etc... which really kept meoccupiedd :)

    And about the ear thing, ive got ear problemss also (ive had ea grommets and stuff) and suffer really bad from ear infections quite often, they do pop a bit when going up / landing, but once your up it's fine,honestlyy. Make sure you bring chewy /boiled sweets for the landing / going up, which will really help.

    If your still in doubt, see your doctor about some tablets which will keep you calm and chilled for the flight :)

    Hope this helps xx

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  • lol no sweetie i dont think the toilets are 'scary' then again i have never been on an airplane before but from what i hear virgin is a goo way to fly and that it is really roomy and it all depends really on what class you got. if you got high class you should be fine if you got standard then youll probably be a little less uncomfortable then if you got higher class. they do not provide should deifinatley bring earplugs and lots of chewing gum [[it helped open ur ear ways while up in the air]] and music helps too. i hate planes. just dont think about it we all have to ride them some day just make sure your ok to ride one. being chlosterphobic AND already having a bad experience on the plane isnt much to back up on, but just take deeo breaths put some music in your ears and drift off

    Source(s): hope this helped♥
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I also dislike airplane travel. Get some herbal stuff to calm you down, and try enjoying the films. Avoid films like Air Force One, Passenger 57 or the first Lost episode on the eve of your journey. May the force be with you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi, I can't answer your question about the plane etc but take some Sudafed for your ears, start taking them about 24 hours before you travel and throughout your flight. That should stop your ears blocking up and causing you discomfort.

    Source(s): Experience and advice given by my doctor
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