how to add ppl on im?

how do you add ppl on yahoo im

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    How to Add a Contact to Your Messenger List

    To add a contact to your Messenger List:

    1. Click Add a Contact at the bottom of the Messenger window, or click Contacts and select Add a contact.

    2. Enter a Yahoo! ID or Yahoo! Mail address for the contact. If you don't know the Yahoo! ID or Yahoo! Mail address of the contact, use their email address. They'll get an email invitation.

    3. Click Next.

    4. Select the group you'd like to add this contact to. "Friends" (the default) adds the name to your main Messenger List. You can add a message if you like.

    5. Click Finish.

    Quick facts:

    The contact is automatically notified and given the option to allow or deny your add request. If the contact denies your request, they won't appear in your Messenger List.

    If you add a contact to your Messenger List, the contact is also added to your address book.

    You can add up to 1,000 contacts to your Messenger List.

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    while signed on to msgr,click contacts on the very top,and there is three ways to do it,just follow procedure.Anyone you invite they have to accept first before they will be on your list.good luck.

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