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[英 文]請幫忙翻英文(20點)













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    Your good my name calls Sherry! I live in the peach garden.

    I will get up very early this period if I am open to the traffic for nearly two years, came back home very late, although it is so very arduous but I resisted this period of time.

    Interest of me to see news with listen to the music, can let me is it finish every thing easily to put. I touch the woman school for the first time, just it experience girl students as men and women it shut difference of school because where at we so-called school, the school not man not woman, they were always the very startled looking at me when I talked to friend.

    Already Senior Three soon, I will have willpower to piece together learning to examine in my hope. Because the preparation in once is really very tired not to think of too much time, money, energy in flowers.

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    You are good I the name to call Sherry! I live in the peach garden. I was open to traffic nearly two year this period of time to very early probably get out of bed, very late only then got the home, although was like this very laborious I to bear this period of time. My interest is looked that the news with listens to music, may let me put with ease completes each matter. I first time contact the girls' school, only then feels the complete female student to gather the school with the men and women the difference because in our there not so-called girls' school, the male school, when I and the friend discussed time they very much are always startled look at me. Soon was already high three, I hoped that I intend the force of will to spell study measured. Does not want in the flowered too much time, the money, the energy in a time preparation, because is really very tired.

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