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Question about TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)?

Having recently switched from pads to tampons during the daytime, I've been doing some research on TSS purely as a safety measure, but there's one question I haven't quite found a satisfactory answer to.

I know that TSS can occur in both women, men and children and that use of tampons over an extended period of time (usually cited as eight hours or more without change) increases the risk, but my question is this: Does tampon use in itself, even when changing frequently (say every three to four hours) and using a low absorbency, heighten the risk of TSS? Or does it exclusively pertain to tampons left in too long or ones that are too absorbent for one's flow?

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    well im pretty sure that if you do all as directed, change frequently it should be ok and not heightne the risk of TSS


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