Why do you believe in your religon?

I'm athiest but I respect religon and I am not trying to upset anyone. I'm just curious to know why, other than being raised in it, people believe in thier religon?-Plz actually think about it before you type.

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    I was raised ancestor worship until I was in my 30s. Often time I question my ancestor worship beliefs but received no solid/satisfying answer. Or either the answer has no foundation other than "that's what our ancestors have been doing it and believing it." Well, I came to believe in the one true God, Jehovah, when the Witnesses came to teach my family and I the Bible. Through the course of 1-1/2 year, my wife really drilled those Witnesses (our Bible teachers) with so many hard questions. Each study lasted more than 3 hrs.

    You know what? Evolution has no place in reality. Scientist's theory about "evolving" process was never proven facts. Animals do not evolved, they created according to their kind, stated Genesis 1:24. If evolution is true, why aren't any human (throughout million of years according to scientists' theory) "evolved" into monster like the myth Medusa or the centaurs? Never was there anyone ever "evolved" to have 4, 6, or 8 legs or 3 or 4 eyes or horse's tail or elephant trunk. Have you thought about that? Evolution is just a theory and it can never be proven fact.

    God's Word, the Bible says if the first human pair were to abstain from eating from the forbidden fruit tree that they will live forever. That makes more sense. Why? Click on the link below and read what scientist has to say about the "immortal" cell.


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    I like many atheists was the subject of the child abuse of being forced to be christian!!

    Acceptance of a supernatural claim tends to promote cooperative social relationships. This communication demonstrates a willingness to accept, without skepticism, the influence of the speaker in a way similar to a child's acceptance of the influence of a parent. By encouraging this kind of behavior where the most intense social relationships occur it facilitates the lack of skepticism and deters more open minded thinking.

    They are christian, Muslim or the other religions depending where they were born simply because they were indoctrinated by their parents as very young children. They will go on to indoctrinate their own children and those will go on to indoctrinate their grandchildren!!

    Atheists have the intellect to see through the conditioning and escape into the real world!!

    Agnostics have the intellect to see through the conditioning but lack the courage to throw of the conditioning entirely.

    Sadly Christians are still held firmly prisoner by the self perpetuating brainwashing!!

    Source(s): University of Missouri-Columbia. Arizona State University
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    I partially agree with crazy. I believe in things like evolution being the answer to how not to why. I believe in a higher power that may be what is in the books. I love the bible only because of the hope it can bring to me personally. Its a real upper if you get what I mean. I don't like the church (as an organization which is what its become) Jesus I believe in too. I believe in these things based on being born into it but i've also thought on it and what not so its not 100% influenced by my family.

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    I'm agnostic theist. I was raised in a Christian household, but as I got older, I began to question God and everything else about the religion. Now I believe there is some kind of God, but we can't prove or disprove it. I think it is more logical that there is a creator which is why I believe

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  • Dawn C
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    I believe my faith (Christian) to be true, simply because it makes the most sense. All other world religions are a religion of works. Live a good life, do so many good deeds, do these meditations, say these prayers- and you'll go to heaven.

    Problem is, how does anyone know for sure if they did enough? How do you know that you did enough good works to outweigh the bad? How do you know you said enough prayers? How do you know God is happy with you? You don't.

    My religion teaches me that my eternal fate is secure, simply because God took care of it for me. He knew I couldn't do enough good deeds on my own to please Him, because when I compare myself to the living God, I am nothing but a total failure. He is perfect- I am not. There's no way I can live up to His standards. But Christianity offers grace. It tells me that God did the work. All I need to do is believe.

    Logically, it makes the most sense that if the God of the universe wants you to live in His realm, then He has to make it so easy that even the dumbest person on earth could get in. All other religions require so much work, that a lot of people would be eliminated.

    Since God cannot be seen, He expects us to have faith, since He used faith to create the world. If we are to operate in His realm, we have to use His methods- faith. Believing that what God said is true is so easy that even a child can do it. I believe Christianity is true, simply because it is the easiest, and most logical.

    The things I do AFTER I believe do not affect whether I 'get in' or not- it only affects my relationship with my Creator. If I live right, He is pleased, and I get more rewards. If I live wrong, He is sad, and I don't get as many rewards, but it won't keep me out, because getting into heaven was based on what HE did, not on what I do.

    And finally, I believe Christianity to be true, because it is the ONLY religion where the One who started it actually told us that He was God. And then He rose from the dead and showed Himself to 500 witnesses. His teachings changed the world forever, and He is still alive today. No other religion can make this claim. Without the resurrection, Christianity would be another false religion.

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    I would have to say that I believe in my religion because there really is no way of disproving the Bible. Regardless of what people say, it can always be backed up with other scripture, although sometimes it can be kinda hard to figure out if you don't understand terms and stuff. On top of that Jesus has answered far too many of my prayers for it to be considered coincidence. :)

    Source(s): Born again christian :D
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    I chose Unitarian Universalism at the age of 19- I had typed in a google search "church/temple of people with different religions" wondering if such a concept existed-

    and I was right!

    So I did my research and decided to "convert" (as much as one can "convert" in U.U).

    Basically, I was raised a Christian, but I decided it wasn't for me- it didn't compute, it didn't add up.

    So now I call myself an "agnostic pagan", and I celebrate/worship/fellowship with other people, and their various beliefs, at my Unitarian Universalist church.

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    i am atheist too but i have a theory, i think that the main reason people believe in a religion is that they want the hope that something will come after they die. because most people would get really depressed if they thought nothing would come after death

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    I'm an agnostic atheist. I don't believe in God, but I always keep an open mind. There are things humans just can't understand.

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