How do I start a speech about "Do women have to choose between success and love?"?

I have a speech due this week about Women having to choose between love and success/knowledge.

And I'm really stuck on how to start it!

I have 3 pieces. One about Eros and Psyches ( Cupid and Psyches) ( Psyches chooses Love over Knowlege), anouther one about a woman who chooses Success over Love and the last one is about a woman chooseing both Love and Success/ Knowledge.

If anyone can help me start my speech I would be really happy and less stressed. Thank you sooo Much! =)

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    Start with this:

    "Have you heard it is more likely for a 35yo+ woman with a graduate degree to be struck by lightning than to find a husband?"

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    Start talking about what your thoughts were when you were deciding about this question. This will help you audience identify with you. They probably have some of the same thoughts. Walk them to the processes that led you to your decision. You might get some responses. Chart them maybe. Get the audience involved. It is a real issue now a days.

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