How do i drop out of high school? im 17, live in california?

i cant do school anymore, please dont judge i want to take my GED and go to college..
but i dont know how i can get out of school, like do i just stop showing up? or do i talk to somebody and say "im not going to school anymore" ?? please help
Update: LIKE I SAID... i want to get my GED when im 18 but i cant take school anymore... im going to continue in college ... but i dont want to do high school anymore .. i need to know how i can get out ... i dont know if i have to talk to somebody about it or just stop showing up .. but i AM going to get my GED
Update 2: NOONE is answering my question
Update 3: do you need to talk to your counselor? and its not girlfriend related ... im going to finish this year but next year i think im just going to stop showing up? i dont know
Update 4: if you stop showing up to school you become truant or something.. i know that so just not showing up can/might be a bad choice ... or something like that... i dont want to get anyone in trouble ...
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