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Nutrition Facts on Brown Rice doesn't say it contains magnesium?

Does that mean it's been removed through some form of processing? And if so, is there any place to purchase brown rice that has everything in it? Magnesium is just ONE of many things missing from the list.

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  • Alyce
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    10 years ago
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    The nutrition facts panel on foods in the U.S. only require the following micronutrients to be listed:

    * Vitamin A

    * Vitamin C

    * Calcium

    * Iron

    Manufacturers can voluntarily list other nutrients if they choose to, or if they make a nutritional claim about a specific nutrient (if, for example, they state on the label that the food is a source of Vitamin xyz) then they have to list the nutrient data on the label.

    So most likely the brown rice you have, has Magnesium in it - as well as all the other vitamins and minerals normally in brown rice -- it just isn't required to be listed. That's all.

    FYI - a quarter cup of uncooked brown rice contains 66 mg of magnesium per the USDA site: You can look up brown rice on that site to see all what vitamins and minerals is in it.

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