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How is it possible for Rue Mcclanahan's family to have a funeral for her in the summer of this year?

I was surfing the web and learned Rue's funeral will be in the summer of this year(2010) and how is it possible for her family to wait all that time to have a funeral for her and by time the day of the funeral comes,her body will be nothing but bones,to me it sounds like she will have an open casket funeral.

Where is her body now & what is being done to my favorite golden girl.

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    According to sources, McClanahan requested to not have a funeral. There is suppose to be a memorial service for her. She stated before she died she did not want her body to be shown. She just died last week, why would you think the family wouldn't have a funeral in the summer, this is summer.

    Source(s): Entertainment Tonight
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    they will probably mean to have a private funeral then a memorial come summer time for family and friends and working associates.

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    she was cremated

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