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Our daughter got married and her husband is a little difficult for us to talk to?

she says it's because he doesn't

get along with him parents -how to handle this

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    Not enough information. A "little difficult" to you may be something quiet different to me. At any rate, what kind of person lumps all parents into the same category? You are not his parents. He is presumably an adult and should be able to understand that you are not them.

    Doesn't make any sense to me, so it must be something else is going on. And by that, I don't mean that it is anything you are doing.

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    my husband was ike that with my parents and hes not close to his. my parents just gave him time, didnt pressure him and helped him out with things (car, building stuff) and now my husband wishes my parents was his! and they talk alot now. so just take your time, be kind and he'll come around! good luck

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