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Can I go to basic as a PFC?

I am in CAP (Civil Air Patrol). I know if I were to join the Air Force I would be able to join with a higher rank and grade but I was wondering if the Army would consider it as some military training and I could go through BCT as a PFC. The Civil air Patrol helps homeland security, red cross,FEMA, we go to Basic Training at military bases we go through drill and ceremonies etc. We learn the chain of command, core values, we go through PT once a month. We have rank. I'm currently a staff sergeant.


I know I could find this out from a recruiter but I'd like to see what I can find out right now. And see if any of you guys know.

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    If you received the Billy Mitchell Award from the Civil Air Patrol you will enlist as an E-2. If you want to get your E-3 there are several things you can do in addition to providing your CAP award (you only have to do one of the following, you don't have to do everything):

    *One year of JROTC (doesn't matter which branch, a valid high school transcript is all we need)

    *Complete the pre-Basic Training task list (passing a full Army Physical Fitness test and completing all Future Soldier tasks on futuresoldiers.com while you're in the DEP)

    *Obtain 24 semester hours of college

    *Earn the Girl Scout Gold Award certificate

    *Get the Naval Sea Cadets Corps NSCADM 024 (Certificate of Advancement)

    *Refer one person to the Army that enlists prior to you shipping

    ADDED for Rukah 981: You're wrong about it having to be three or four years of JROTC for the Army. It may be that way for the Air Force, I don't know. One year gets you E-2 and three years gets you E-3. If the asker didn't have the award from the CAP she would need three years for JROTC instead of one. My source is below right from Army Regulation 601-210, chapter 2-18a:

    (2) Has completed 1 or 2 years of Junior ROTC (JROTC) or a National Defense Cadet Corps (NDCC) Program may enlist at any time at pay grade PV2.

    (3) Has completed 3 or more years of JROTC or a NDCC Program may enlist at any time at pay grade private first class (PFC).

    This paragraph states that you can combine the different things to get E-3:

    c. The applicant may enlist at pay grade PFC if they meet any 2 requirements in paragraph 2–18a(2), (5), (6), (10), (11), (12), (13), or (14), or 2–18b(1) or (3). (For example, applicant has 24 semester hrs and provides one referral that enlist= PFC; this example combines 2–18a(6) and 2–18 (1)).

    She would be getting PFC by combining (2), which is the year of JROTC and (10), which is the Billy Mitchell Award from the CAP.

    I also posted a link in the additional information in case you think I'm wrong.

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    I think I heard somewhere that if your in CAP, you go into any military service as an E-2, not an E-3. I could be wrong. The best way to know is ask a recruiter.

    I know for sure that in your in AFJROTC you get E-3.

    EDIT: AD is wrong on the 1 year of JROTC. It has to be 3 or 4 years of AFJROTC. You receive a certificate of completion signed by your Senior Aerospace Science Instructor and the principle of your high school after 3 or 4 successful years.

    EDIT: AD, that's fine. You just didn't mention Army. Yes that is how it works for the Air Force. Sorry for the confusion.

    Source(s): Former AFJROTC cadet. Had friends who enlisted who were former JROTC.
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    Those that are in a tranining status we tend to treat harsher that have higher ranks due to the fact more is expected of them. Having the rank is more then just time in grade / time in service and/or a degree or some type of training but a matter of having the knowledge and experience to hold that rank. Those with the specialist especially get dinged both in basic and then in the regular unit because it is high on the junior enlisted totem pole. A lot is expected of you. In your regular unit specialist are counted on to carry out the tasks because most look at specialist as individuals that have some time put in (a few years) and have gained all the training and knowledge to properly carry out tasks laid out before them and to direct other junior enlisted soldiers to complete the mission. Put it this way, if you are going to wear the rank you better be able to live up to it. If you cannot handle it then do not accept it. If you do not want to be singled out, which will happen which just gets worse as you go up (Corporals and Sergeants are kicking goats) then don't accept it. This all applies more to Active Duty where you live and die military all day long. National Guard and Reserves are completely different. Very relaxed. You might get stuck with that rank for a very long time if your unit does not have a slot for you. I've seen ten year specialist or longer running around.

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    No you have to do Army ROTC for all four years to go in as an e3.

    Source(s): Army wife
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    im pretty sure you go into basic as an e-1 and leave as an e-2

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