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How much is the typical down payment on a midget?

I can afford a $1500 down payment, but will most agencies give me 5 years financing on purchasing my own midget?

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    I doubt you can get a five year loan. Most banks only offer short term financing for midgets for obvious reasons. Typically I am required to put half down as the down payment although this has loosened up a bit since the recent economic disaster made shorties less marketable. All those dwarf tossing bars went out of business in Australia and they really glutted the market for a while.

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    Certain lenders will require a larger down payment depending on your credit. 15% is lot more than many people have to put down. Most cars will also have a rebate which can add to the down payment. I would shop around for the best loan rate BEFORE you go to the dealer. After you agree on a price THEN tell the dealer that you have your own financing and stick with that answer. The dealers Finance and Insurance (F&I) people work on commision so they have an interest in you paying a higher rate so they make more $$$. Get you financing in place...then find a car...then agree on a price...then go back to your lender and get the money. And don't fall for the dealers tricks of "additional dealer markup" or "rustproofing" or "paint protection"...these are key words that mean you are getting screwed. If they won't sell you a car without this stuff walk out the door and find one who will. There are plenty of dealers out there who want your business. Go to the manufacturers website and click on "locate a dealer". Most will allow you to find the car you want and a dealer who will give you an 'internet price" without obligation. A good way to get started.

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    That's dwarfully nice of you to ask. 1500 hundred dollars seems a tiny amount.

    Maybe you should try hire, no, lower purchase. Small wonder there's still a demand for such a thing.

    I think i've just lowered myself to your standards.

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    I don't know but I think you should ask for a 50% discount seeing as you get what you pay for.

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    an arm and a leg

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