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what is the font type of the dc metro map?

I need to know the font type of the dc metro map.

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    Im from Canada eh—but I will help.

    Im guessing the main metro map would be the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's map (www.wmata.com)

    If so, they use Helvetica Neue on the Rail Map. Mostly all in Helvetica Neue Bold, even right down to the Metro logo itself.

    On the Metro System Route Map (Bus and Rail) they use:

    Frutiger Black Condensed

    Frutiger Black Italic

    Frutiger Bold

    Frutiger Bold Condensed

    Frutiger Bold Italic

    Frutiger Condensed

    Frutiger Extra Black Condensed

    Frutiger Italic

    Helvetica Neue Black Condensed

    Helvetica Neue Bold

    Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed

    Helvetica Neue Condensed

    Helvetica Neue Heavy

    Helvetica Neue Light

    Helvetica Neue Medium

    Helvetica Neue Roman

    Easier to just summarize the font usage: All of the Metro verbage, legends, map names, Headlines and subheads are in Helvetica Neue except for the front cover panel. On the front panel.. Virgina and Washington, D.C., Metro System Route Map, FREE, Includes bus and commuter rail services operated by local governments, SEP 2009... for some reason they did that in Frutiger. Everything on the bottom of the panel.. INFORMATION ANYTIME... opens doors is all in Helvetica Neue. All content within the maps, street names, bus route numbers, park names... ect ect, those are done in Frutiger.

    Last thing just to be thorough, Myriad-Roman is used—but not really. There are 24 spaces done in Myriad but no letters, characters or anything visible. Those are on the Virgina map in the Westfields area by (28). Some completely useless additional information for you.


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    There are several DC Metro Maps.

    You need to give the specific one you are asking about.

    For instance, National Reality has one, and it has different fonts in the write up and on the map itself.

    (more than 1 type of font in the write up).

    This is my help from Washington, D.C. United States of America.

    Please pick a "Best Answer", even if it is not mine.

    That way we can tell if we really do help people.

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    You raise some good points here.

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    Never gave this much thought

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